Melinda Hansen

Melinda Hansen


Norah Jones, Sade & Astrud Gilberto's love child. Charismatic, authentic, elegant, soulful & orginial.


"Melinda Hansen's voice is striking, mysterious, and evocative, with the vocal clarity of a classic jazz chanteuse combined with the gritty power of a rock n' roller. Part Joan Armitrading, part Margo Timmins (Cowboy Junkies), but 100% orginial, Melinda's voice is soulful & strong"

Kim Clark-Program Director WNCW-Charlotte

Singer-songwriter Melinda Hansen has written over 100 songs in her short career. She started writing & singing songs in her kitchen when she was eleven years old. She used a broken cassette recorder that allowed her to harmonize with herself.

After graduating from college, Melinda became serious about becoming a professional singer while she was living in Venice, Italy. A local choir director happened to hear her singing while she was cleaning dishes at a restaurant. He added her to the Venice Summer Concert Series line-up. In her first performance she opened up with Nina Simone’s classic “Summertime”. She received a standing ovation halfway through the song from an audience of 750 people. When she left the venue locals were asking for her autograph.

When she moved back the states she started the Delancey Street Band. The band put out two regionally acclaimed records “Obsession” & “Against the Night. They’ve played in venues from Savannah, Georgia to New York City. Most notably CBGB Gallery-NYC & the Double Door Inn in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Melinda has been compared to Norah Jones, Nina Simone, Astrud Gilberto, Amy Winehouse & Dianna Krall.

Melinda is moving to New York in February to peruse her dream.


Obsession (With Delancey Street Band-2002)

Against The Night (With Delancey Street Band-2004)

Streaming tracks

Set List

Typical Set 1 1/2 hours or longer:
Into Space
The New Song
Mr. So & So
1,000 Lies
Against The Night

Sweetest Taboo-Sade
Kiss of Life-Sade
Whole Lotta Love/Dazed & Confused Melody-Led Zeppelin
Ramble On-Led Zeppelin