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Melissa Axel @ The Cutting Room

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Melissa Axel @ Drink Me Cafe

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Melissa Axel @ Miniaci Performing Arts Center

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


Melissa Axel has a sweet voice and an eclectic approach to songwriting. This ep has four vocal tracks that are all strong and six instrumentals. I prefer the tracks with words, but that's more a personal preference than any real criticism. Those songs are still intriguingly made. This is a wonderful record. Melissa Axel's music is lovely and has a lot of substance. Recommended. - Anna Maria Stjärnell

In each and every one of [Melissa Axel's songs] you will find a deep story of life, full of joy, sadness, disappointment, love and all other emotions on this world. Her creativity as a songwriter is so phenomenal, that even if you would expect something sad, it will come out opposite. It will definitely have enormous effect on you and your life, thoughts.

She found a wonderful way to put a stone in a music art through her knowledge of many genres, remarkable voice and eye that see small, but very important things on her journey. Depth of her voice gives her lyrics emotional strength. She builds images that you can see and relate to. Notes from piano just makes them more colorful. - Susana Braithwaite

Let the first Tuesday of every month be your evening to take a break from the testosterone-saturated local scene. Chick Singer Night, which runs showcases in seven U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, NYC, Nashville, and Chicago, has its own year-old franchise here in Miami, hosted by singer/songwriter Wendy Pedersen.  Its purpose is to promote female singer/songwriters in the area.  CSN puts together a backup band and promotes the hell out of the night to make sure the artists get a decent crowd.  Of course, the backup band is all-male, which can be taken as either a gesture of solidarity, or a sign that our patriarchal society is crumbling.  Beware.  Tuesday, May 6, at Hoy Como Ayer (2212 SW Eighth St., Little Havana, 305-541-2631).  Allison Lee, Gisel Moreno, Melissa Axel, and Susie Green perform.  Doors open at 9 p.m., cover is 8 bucks, and it's a 21 and over show.  For more info, go to - Rene Alvarez

ABC News/VH1 Jump Start
by Rachel Perry, VH1
video interview in segment

Music Connection Magazine (A&R Report)
"Epic/Berklee Celebrate"
by Tom Kidd
photo & blurb, p. 13

Christian Science Monitor (Arts & Leisure cover/Women Making History Today)
"Making Music"
by Stephanie Cook
photo & quote in article spread, p. 16

Downbeat Magazine (jazz on campus)
"Berklee Students Shine On Shekinah"
by Nicole Hall
quote in full page article, p. 80

The Boston Globe (Living Arts cover)
“Berklee’s Heavy Rotation class gets a break of Epic proportions”
by Joan Anderman
photo & blurb in multi-page article, p. C12

Berklee Today Magazine (Berklee Beat)
“Epic Records/Berklee Collaboration a First”
by Emily Singer
mention in full page article

The Shekinah project was also featured in Billboard Magazine, The Boston Herald, Northeast Performer, American Way (American Airlines), The Boston Phoenix, Jane Magazine, on the Oxygen network’s “Daily Remix,” and received the Tops of The Avenue Award from the Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston in the Business/Arts Partnership category, presented to Epic & Berklee by Co-Directors Alexander Jan Sartakov & Melissa Axel. The project & Berklee's use of technology in education is also featured on's Profiles in Success. - (award-winning Shekinah 13 Artists CD Project)

Home Recording Magazine (cover story)
“Home Studios Across America: Uniting For A Tribute CD”
by Babz
photo & blurb in article spread, p.32

Keyboard Magazine (Project Alert)
"MOTU musicians come together for the first time"
project overview

Review from visitor:
"*****! Fantastic, simply fantastic
This is an amazing CD. Just about every genre of music is represented and these very talented artists are generously donating the proceeds to charity. This is most certainly THE best of all the 9/11 dedicated music I have heard to date and as a native New Yorker (and a proud American) I salute everyone involved with this CD. THIS IS A MUST-BUY!"

Feedback from visitor:
"My husband just received his copy of Home Recording [Magazine] and I want to let you know I read through and was so moved by all the work and talent of everyone who put this together. I came onto the website because I had to hear the work and I was moved to tears. BRAVO everyone BRAVO."
----Tina Blades, Ohio

Official September Rising Press Release
press_release.shtml - Featuring Axel's song

Music Industry coverage by Melissa Axel
(past Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Groove)
Moonraker Has Landed

Manisha Shahane: Diversity at the Zeitgeist

Juri Gives Back: Berklee Graduate Impacts Lives of Inner-City Youth (article picked up by Berklee Pulse newsletter, reprinted by permission)

Axel has also covered SXSW, Winter Music Conference, the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit, NEMO, Rock for RAINN, the Boston Ballet; engineers Bruce Swedien, Chuck Ainlay, and Brian Scheuble; and artists Kristy Kruger, Tori Amos, Kari Gaffney, George Shepherd, Gabrielle Goodman, etc. Feel free to email a request for any of these articles. - (past Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Groove)

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Poignant songs with some deep and relevant social commentary like in the songs The Worth Of Things and Disappointment.  Also there is a nice mix of instrumental songs available. - Gavin Molton

The first five songs are vocals and piano, with some extras thrown in as well. Melissa Axel has a pretty voice and plays piano quite well. The rest of the CD is some funky instrumental stuff that is part techno, part orchestra. It's nice background music. "Clave Moon" and  "Aurora" have some especially funky sounds. "Clave Moon" in particular sounds like it ought to be used as a film score. - Amy Lotsberg


Debut EP Free Time

"Disappointment" featured at New Songs for Peace (
The song was also chosen for publication in the accompanying book for this wonderful UNESCO-endorsed project.

Axel's "The Worth Of Things (instrumental)" and her vocals on Hiro Honshuku's "The View" are featured on the September Rising benefit CD (

Individual tracks are available on internet radio and independent music promotion sites; try a search for "Melissa Axel" on to find many of them or check out the Web Appearances at the bottom of this EPK's Press section.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Melissa Axel began writing lyrics as a child, later adding music when she learned to play the piano. Since then, she’s continued to hone the craft of songwriting, finding her own unique voice through a diverse background of artistic, business, and life experiences.

Axel has pursued a variety of goals as a student, businesswoman, and professional musician: from choral work to studio time, travel abroad to music industry development in the states, a business degree to a diploma from the world-renowned Berklee College of Music. She continues to develop both musically and professionally through work with other artists, recording studios, labels, and arts organizations.

With her debut EP Free Time, Melissa Axel fuses her love of electronica, jazz, and other contemporary influences with her strengths as a singer/songwriter, transforming her life experiences and emotions into songs that express the fear and joy and pain and love that connect us all.

"Everything I do is with the goal of creating a more positive environment for music to flourish, others' music as well as my own. This includes my working with fellow artists and music organizations to help them develop their business and promotional skills, sharing my knowledge as well as my vision, and being genuinely open to all forms of expression in music, seeking the most positive forces to align my work with."

Power moves in the direction of hope