Melissa Axel

Melissa Axel


"Tori meets Norah meets Ani" only vaguely describes this piano-driven singer/songwriter... a closer listen reveals a unique voice and compelling lyrical personality not to be missed.


Melissa Axel began writing lyrics as a child, later adding music when she learned to play the piano. Since then, she’s continued to hone the craft of songwriting, finding her own unique voice through a diverse background of artistic, business, and life experiences.

Axel has pursued a variety of goals as a student, businesswoman, and professional musician: from choral work to studio time, travel abroad to music industry development in the states, a business degree to a diploma from the world-renowned Berklee College of Music. She continues to develop both musically and professionally through work with other artists, recording studios, labels, and arts organizations.

With her debut EP Free Time, Melissa Axel fuses her love of electronica, jazz, and other contemporary influences with her strengths as a singer/songwriter, transforming her life experiences and emotions into songs that express the fear and joy and pain and love that connect us all.

"Everything I do is with the goal of creating a more positive environment for music to flourish, others' music as well as my own. This includes my working with fellow artists and music organizations to help them develop their business and promotional skills, sharing my knowledge as well as my vision, and being genuinely open to all forms of expression in music, seeking the most positive forces to align my work with."

Power moves in the direction of hope


Out Of Nowhere

Written By: (C) Melissa Axel (ASCAP)

out of nowhere
grasping at straws
but somehow, you get a grip
pull me, roll me into you

out of nowhere
breathing in tandem
take a piece of your soul in exchange for
my force which I know you need

I guess you want to know I still need you
I guess you ought to know I still need you
no one needs to know
how we feed on each other, out of nowhere

out of nowhere
guess it was building up all over again
and, even more, my hands in yours

I had no idea your wanting never waned
I had no idea how you’d hold me, heaving
call me twice and analyze my eating
how we feed on each other, out of nowhere

trade hand for hand
and mouth for mouth
skin for skin
turned inside out
and for once, my curse turned around
broken, my eager valentine
out of nowhere


Written By: (C) Melissa Axel (ASCAP)

everyone must live up to these expectations
that we all have for each other, unrealistic, ain't it?
wouldn't it be easier to accept us all the way we are now
and love each other as we grow out of our disappointment

(we grow out of our disappointment)

they all said it was a phase I would grow out of
and I know that's how it goes through your whole life
weaving back, forth, up and down and in and out of
joy, love, hate, rage, peace, fear, fire, and disappointment

(we grow out of our disappointment)

all it means is
there could be more
left unsaid, left undone
all it means is
there are answers
you have not searched far enough for
you have not gone deep enough for
you have not looked hard enough for
and there are questions you have not asked yourself

(we grow out of our disappointment)

you know how sometimes you can sit there and say a word
over and over and over again
until it loses all its meaning
until it is nothing but sound
gargled, muffled, you can choke a word
you can beat a word to death


The Worth Of Things

Written By: (C) Melissa Axel (ASCAP)

Right in the middle of my life
The telephone in my brain begins to ring
And I am channeling
A song about
The worth of things

These things are old
These things are gone and
We have learned to carry on
Without knowing
The worth of things
The worth of things

Burning through the hollow of my gut
All the thoughts of distant pasts
That I have got to surpass
To find a way
To make this last

These things are old
These things are gone and
We have learned to carry on
Without knowing
The worth of things
The worth of things


Debut EP Free Time

"Disappointment" featured at New Songs for Peace (
The song was also chosen for publication in the accompanying book for this wonderful UNESCO-endorsed project.

Axel's "The Worth Of Things (instrumental)" and her vocals on Hiro Honshuku's "The View" are featured on the September Rising benefit CD (

Individual tracks are available on internet radio and independent music promotion sites; try a search for "Melissa Axel" on to find many of them or check out the Web Appearances at the bottom of this EPK's Press section.

Set List

Well, this can vary depending on the requirements of the gig. A whole night of originals plus covers usually provides 3 sets with 15-20 minute breaks between, though I also like to showcase (or play with other artists) with just one set of 4-7 originals.

I find that about 40 minutes of music is ideal, as it keeps the audience's attention and lets you give a cross-section of your music without overwhelming new listeners with your whole catalog. And yes, I'm one of those artists whose performances are peppered with a little banter and audience interaction. =)

Some of the originals I perform live include:

It's The Same
Open Door
Ten Oceans
Fall This Hard
The Worth Of Things
I Am
Trip Me
Freight Train
Patty Duke (12 Years Old)
Just Know
One Truth (Will You Be Mine)
Make A List
Misty Starbucks (I Need A New World)
Stupid Logic
Don't Let Me
All Too Much
Unrequited (Not The Movies)
Light In The Window
Out Of Nowhere
I'm Afraid