Melissa Bel

Melissa Bel


Melissa Bel performs on stage like she’s playing host to the blues spectres of 1940s Chicago. Her powerful voice bursts out of a petite, fresh-faced 23-year-old delivering notes strong enough to carry the heavy feel of her music while maintaining an air of elegance.


For her work, she received widespread radio play, performed a whirlwind tour of 14 shows in 16 days and earned coverage in the influential German music magazine Melodie & Rhythmus.

For her sophomore album, Distance, Bel pours her heart out into six songs that are expected to bring her name and music into homes across North America and Europe. The record includes “Over And Done With,” a resolute, wash-your-hands-of-him break-up song and also a stirring rendition of Bill Withers’ 1971 classic “Ain’t No Sunshine.” The avenues in sound and emotion explored on this record will resonate with audiences everywhere.

The singer/songwriter’s persona is gentle and unassuming, but when she strums on her flat-wound strung archtop it’s like the crack of a shot echoing across the club, leaving audiences stunned and catching flies with their mouths. Her album is now available through stores and itunes.