melissa bell

melissa bell


My music is from my heart and life experiences. I believe that I share many life experiences with the rest of the world because we all go through a lot of the same things. If I can touch someone's life by relating to them or inspiring them through my music, then it's all worth it.


My music comes from a different perspective than a lot of other country artists. I dig a little deeper than most because a lot of my music is inspired from my spiritual background, but not in the good ole religious way. I try and cut to the core of my being between me and God and staying human. There's an edge; there's real emotion, not the mushy emotion, not the stereotypical commercial emotion, but with a commercial melody. I just want to hit home with people and make them think. Inspire them to make a change if they need to. I have influences all over the map. Enough that sometimes I don't know what genre I really am. My blood says country because my biological father is a local country musician and my mother raised me with her farm-raised ideals, but my spirit and soul says indie with a gospel touch. A thinker, though you would never guess that!


Together Always

Written By: Melissa Bell

You know I love you
And I'd like to talk it out
I've held it in too long
And I hate when something's wrong
Our time is precious
And we need to be alone
Forget about today
Let tonight do what it may

Because I'm forever in your arms
And you're forever in my heart
We won't let the world around us
Become a wall between us
You know we'll be
Together Always

We'll get there someday
To the place we've always dreamed
The wait can't be that bad
If we hold each others' hands
I'll take the long road
Just as long as I'm with you
Baby, I don't care
You can lead me anywhere

We've had the nights when
We would pray for our next meal
We've had the fights that left us
Longing to be healed
We've made it through it all
And now our strength has
Been revealed