Melissa Breiner

Melissa Breiner

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I started writing poetry when I was 13. I decided to expand my horizons and started writing song lyrics also. My lyrics are a reflection of my life experiences and the experiences of those close to me. They are a reflection of my preception of life and all it's challenges.


I Should Have Said I Loved You (But Instead I Said Goodbye)

Written By: Melissa Breiner

It started one day
In a place not far away
I looked at you across the room
And I didn't know what to say

Maybe it was fate,
A miracle in disguise
Either way I knew that day
My love would never die

Every time I go to sleep
Every time I close my eyes
I should have said I loved you
But, instead I said goodbye
I lye awake and wonder
If you'd only knew
You'd be lying here right now
And I'd be loving you

All the time we spent together
Every kiss I shared with you
Made me see how much it meant
Just holding on to you

When you slipped away
I didn't know what to do
So I turned and left behind
All my love for you


One day we'll come together
And all I have to say
Is three small words
That haunt me now
And make me feel this way


Could Have Spent a Lifetime

Written By: Melissa Breiner

To wake up every morning
Lying beside you
To see your gentle smiling face
Could chase away my blue

To kiss your tender lips
And call you all mine
Tell me what in this life
Could be more devine

Could have spent a lifetime
Loving you
Cherish every moment
And the little things we do
Could have spent a lifetime
Just holding you
Each and every passing day
My love for you just grew

I reach across the pillow
To find you're not there
Amazing how this broken heart
Can sometimes feel so bare

I lye awake and wonder
If you could be here
Would you pull me close to you
And kiss away my tears


Even when this life
Takes me far away from you
I hope you feel within your heart
My love for you so true

Should you ever need me
And find that I'm not there
Close your eyes and listen
To the words that I share


Living With Love

Written By: Melissa Breiner

I wake up in the morning
Alone in this bare space
I turn to see and empty pillow
And long for your sweet face

As I throw the covers
Onto the bedroom floor
I can't help but wonder
Was there really more

I'm living with love
Cause there's nothing left to do
Living with love
Cause I sent my heart to you
Carrying on my way
Each and every day
Living with this love
No words are left to say

I spend my days just hoping
You'll find this heart so true
Then come rushing back to me
To share this life with you

I spend my nights dreaming
Of your tender embrace
Without here with me right now
This home's a dwelling place


One day I'll come knocking
At your front door
And when I look into those eyes
My heart will want no more