Melissa Czarnik

Melissa Czarnik

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
BandHip HopSoul

From the depths of her soul, Melissa Czarnik delivers audiences hip hop strapped with power, love, and struggle. Her live show is an effortless blend of hip hop, jazz & soul, while her unique recordings rely on live instrumentation & collaborations with a variety of jazz & gospel musicians.


Melissa Czarnik (Zar-nik) is one of the most soulful and articulate emcees to emerge in recent years. After receiving critical acclaim for her debut album Strawberry Cadillac (2008), she recently released her sophomore album Raspberry Jesus (2010) on Hyperdrive Motivator Productions out of Milwaukee. Backed by the five-piece Eric Mire Band, her live show absorbs audiences with a fruitful blend of hip hop, jazz & soul. Mixing her interests in poetry and Hip Hop, Czarnik's lyrics exemplify artists such as Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott and Ani Difranco.

"Czarnik is a soulful, fluid rapper, backed by the five-piece Eric Mire Band. Together, they've produced a surprising, potent and thoughtful mix of funk, jazz, soul and hip-hop."
-Robin Hilton, NPR, All Songs Considered

"With slammin’ poetry, precise beats, and DIY authenticity, Czarnik is an inspiration to young MC’s everywhere."
-Claire Ashton, Bitch Magazine

"Her unique style is a powerful mix of singer songwriter Hip Hop combined with jazzy instrumentation by the Eric Mire Band. 'Strawberry Cadillac' is really one of my favorites."
-Jeannette Petri, Anattitude Magazine

“Strapped with a poet's flow and a penchant for lyrics that readily embrace both candor and purpose, this Milwaukee MC skillfully rides…and hits the mark consistently.”
-Chris R, CD Baby Editors Choice Review


Thunder Summer Storm

Written By: Melissa Czarnik

Verse 1
Summer Thunderstorm silent sticky rain
Loud booming bedroom
Lights off
I hear your loud moving foot stomp
Dark sky light up
Natural firework
I follow your clouds rolling white
Sky turning round
Rain falling bounce
Every ounce like
Grounding your feet in pool
Flowing water the bottom
Don't mess with
Thunderstorm in summer
The storm of the season
I've been waitin all winter
Watching through window
Chasing your temperament
Remembering flirtin's safer
From a distance
I miss this
Time spent on porch in chair
Watch for flash of heat in atmosphere
Sudden thunderstorm
In summer
With sweaty sticky skin
Cured by silent drops of rain falling pure
Cured by silent drops of rain falling pure

Verse 2
Summertime be coming around
I got that hott track
You be loving to bump
Up in the back seat
When you're making them turns
I got the breeze coming in from the east
North side raised
Riverwest proud
Got my own sound
Living on my own now
About 5 years now
Sisterhood strong
Loud and proud
Stand up and shout
bell hooks loud
if you haven't heard before
you better get online
it's a new feminism
coming straight from the grind
deliver some new ish
straight for your lobes
ain't got time for images
pimps slappin ho's
it's a pick-up game
and I got a jumper
don't let the long hair
and the height fool ya
been loving hip hop
since I learned to crawl
been in love with the mic
since it kissed my lips
gave birth to words
through a spirit that was fearless
been through trauma
that only made me stronger
now I make movies skip
the drama
like baby momma's
no child support
paying fathers
might as well get left at the alter
if you're man is gonna cheat
like mary j said
not gonna shed no tear
so you better be happy with your secretary
so you better be happy with your secretary

Verse 3
Repeat Verse 1

The Happy Song

Written By: Melissa Czarnik

Verse 1
Passive Aggressive
You love me you hate me
All these directions you take me
Plainly misleading I’m leaving
I don’t like deceiving
You’re beating the spirit
Out of me
And this spirit I give to the earth
Is the spirit I give to the world
And that spirit I give to my girl
Is the spirit she gives to the world
So when you hated on her
I knew we wasn’t meant to be
It’s only a matter of time
I’m disappearing
So keep your critiques and your bounced checks
My life’s to balanced
And I’m not stressed
What’s next?
A little salt you threw my way
You knew I wouldn’t behave
Those techniques
Don’t work with me
I do my own things my way
I’m trying to move on
And find a new day
Life’s too short
To deal with
Hoeffers’s that play games
Like trains you’re a wreck
Too many cards missing
From your deck
The doctor cracked your skull
And there was nothing left.
I don’t mean to crack jokes
But it’s my way to cope
I ain’t no dope
So get off my throat.

Verse 2

Your lyrics lack content
Don't take me out of context
My lyrics pack punches
Like hot and cold lunches
Our styles that's the difference
You can't even compete
All you talk about is krunk fest
Can't even ride a beat
That's why when you perform
Ain't nobody listening
Everybody ditching in
To the club Adjacent-in
The other room
Playing pool
Forget a fool
Like build-a-bear
You're easily removable
Mainstream commercialable
My flow reversible_Elbisrever wolf ym
Heads be missin em'
Cotton beats
Eric mire be producing em'
That's why when this album drop
Everybody shout it's hot
so glad to hear rap
That ain't sound like pop
And I'm from Mil town
North side represent
Capitol court_Mid-Town
Congress street's where it's at
I'll never forget
My walks at Lincoln Creek
My brother and me
That's what made me, ME.

Verse 3

So they say I’m sentimental
I give my heart in my song
If I ain’t giving my heart
Then I am doing it wrong
And I expect the same
From you
If you got
Something to say
Don’t keep it bay
That’s how we
I’ve been feeling the crunch
Getting older
Making music’s been the calling
On my shoulder
Is the message
That I want to leave
With you
Be open share your
Dreams and they’ll
Come true.


Melissa Czarnik, Raspberry Jesus (HMP, 2010)
1. Artista
2. Bedtime Stories
3. Anattitude
4. Been This Way
5. Only $10 (Green Mill)
6. Stay High
7. Bad Rep
8. Hand Me the Mic
9. Like That
10. Say Goodbye
11. Canned Nutrition
12. Vondell Park
13. Mercredi
14. Love Train
15. Really, Really
16. Only $10 (Green Mill, Skit 2)
17. Wake Up
18. Thank you

Melissa Czarnik, Strawberry Cadillac (HMP, 2008)
1. Intro
2. Thunder Summer Storm
3. Cosmo
4. My Raq
5. If You Gotta System
6. Rain
7. Gossip
8. The Happy Song
9. How's Karl?
10. Somewhere
11. Erf Beat
12. February
13. My Country
14. Rue Lafayette
15. Garden of Eden
16. Why?
17. Outro

Melissa Czarnik w/Eric Mire Band, Local Live (recorded on 91.7 WMSE, June 2009)
1. The Happy Song
2. Erf Beat
3. Loose Ends
4. Thunder Summer Storm

Set List

Hand Me the Mic
Been This Way
Stay High
Bedtime Stories
Like That
Say Goodbye
Love Train
Rue Lafayette
Thunder Summer Storm