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Barbie 2000

Written By: Melissa holland

All kinds of Barbies at the store,
a whole wing of Barbie's at FAO Schwartz (twice)

My mother said when I was young, I couldn't have a Barbie.
She said it was commercial trash, that it would harm me.
Her one-inch waist and perfect face could wreck my self-esteem
Cascading pleats of platinum hair,
she wasn't like me
(CHORUS I twice)

They tried to change and rearrange her, to fit the times, yeah
Aerobic Barbie, Afro Barbie, still I was surprised, yeah
I'd lie awake at night just wishing they would make
a more realistic Barbie with a carrying case

Like Bulemic Barbie, press her tummy: bleah! regurgitation
P.M.S. Barbie screams at Ken she wants a separation
Then Ken runs off with Skipper cause he can't communicate,
Face-Lift Barbie gets a nose job, gains a ton of weight
Crack-head Barbie loses dream-house, ends up in the street
Hooker Barbie turning tricks to make her split ends meet

All kinds of Barbies on this earth
struggling to hold on to their self-worth (twice)

I buried all my Barbie dreams, it's too late for me
But why not make a Barbie for the twenty-first century
A doll with a brain who speaks up for herself
who does more than just pose and bend and sit up on a shelf
a grown-up doll with cellulite and bad hair days
who works at the same job as Ken and gets the same pay
(CHORUS II twice)

Mr. Wrong

Written By: Melissa

I keep bumpin' in-to Mr. Wrong

My mama used to say beware of romance,
you gotta look beneath the surface of every man
Well, I'm old enough to know what real love's about
but I keep giving smooth talkers the benefit of the doubt
Guess I listen to too many love-songs
cause I keep bumpin' in-to Mr. Wrong

This guy has taken me for the wildest ride
he looks like a god, talks like a man but acts like a child
I know that he runs around, I see him flirting
but every time I lie down, my brain stops working
Gotta use my head, I gotta be strong
cause I keep bumpin' in-to Mr. Wrong

BRIDGE: I know in my soul, it's a bad habit
I see glittering gold, I gotta reach out and grab it
I go outa of my mind, struggling to hold on
I just can't see the light till the glitter is gone

Will I recognize the right man when he appears?
Will I know him when I see him, will it be clear?
I take comfort in the thought that time wounds all heels
but is time gonna teach me the right way to feel?
Will the next Don Juan turn into King Kong?
I keep bumpin' in-to Mr. Wrong

Who Cares?

Written By: Melissa Holland

Who cares who's getting married?
Who cares who's in love?
Who cares who's getting married and who are you to judge?

Don't hide behind religion
don't tell me what the Bible says when you're trapped inside a prison by the differences you dread
Don't speak the word of Jesus
if from his words you stray
acceptance is what frees us
there isn't just one right way!

Years ago it was decided
that we should separate church and state
or we would remain divided
by intolerance and hate
I'm not saying that you have to like it, but this is the USA
so go ahead and speak your mind
but don't take that privelege away!

We're sons and daughters of a revolution,
direct descendents of a freedom fight
We can't change the constitution if it goes against the Bill of Rights
I believe that if the founding fathers were alive today they'd say:
All PEOPLE are created equal:
black, white, straight, or gay!