Melissa Lee Music

Melissa Lee Music

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Melissa is from New York and lives in Los Angeles, plays piano, guitar and sings from the depths of a bruised and truthful soul. She writes poetry and paints pictures that symbolize the redemption of a broken heart rising from a troubled life.

She studied at the Actor's studio in NYC and flew airplanes solo by the age of 16. All the album art is her original work. She is currently working as a fine artist and compiling her third cd, The World Inside.


Born in Long Island, New York the youngest, only daughter of an Italian policeman, played little league. Her Irish- Catholic mom got her in piano lessons at age 7. After the depression and eventual suicide of her mother, in 1987, Melissa continued to take piano lessons.  As her family grew silent, she became drawn into words, music and art as an outlet. She would write down all the things she was not supposed to say.  

Melissa lived with her brothers and father in New York until she was 19, studying aviation and flying Cessna, Pipers before she was old enough to drive a car. She was the first female solo pilot out of Suffolk Aviation Academy in 1991 - her junior year of high school and was interviewed by news 12 Long Island- chewing gum the entire time.

A graduate of Dowling College, she majored in Aeronautics, English Lit. Visual Art, and went to the Actor's studio in New York before moving  to California in 1998. She worked at Starbucks and waited on tables, landing parts in theater and film. She became unable to continue acting as her marriage failed, her baby had autism... and so at night when all was quiet, Melissa made music.

Evenings she would be down the street at Burbank's Viva Cantina, singing blues "like a caged bird with a curfew".  A self-taught guitar player she learned by "watching fingers" and began writing songs in 2008.  She has performed with local musicians and has an ear for harmony that has been likened to perfect pitch-  Often being invited up on stage to sing along to songs she has never heard before. A girl with a presence.

Melissa is currently living in Los Angeles. Her original art is available for commission and purchase. She was last seen theatrically as "Nance"  in COLD BLACK HEART at the Comedy Central Theater in Hollywood.

Today's Special was recorded as all one-shot takes: truth and vulnerability is palpable with the nostalgia of a Norman Rockwell and the heat of Jessica Rabbit. Songs of someone who was left behind, but then went ahead and did something about it. If a little lost lamb could sing- Melissa Lee is the thinking man's girl next door.

Late Stayer Upper is gentle and reflective with a sleepy evening feel to compliment the wee small hours of the morning.

 "Her voice is utterly unique and instantly recognizable" ~ Martin Olsen

Melissa is currently writing and recording her third cd, The World Inside which will be available in the Spring 2016.

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The World Inside - 2016

Late Stayer Upper - 2014

Today's Special - 2009