Melissa Lewis

Melissa Lewis


Melissa's music would be classified as AAA. Her music is a blend of Pop, Adult Contemperary and sometimes a hint of country. Her lyrics are upbeat and deliver a positive message. Melissa's emotive voice will certainly draw you in.


My music, when you come down to it is about my life. Writing songs has become therapy in a way for me. It’s a release! I tend to write about my experiences and things I have gone through or witnessed. I don't think I could ever list all the artist that have influenced me in some way, but to name some favorites. Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin, James Taylor, Annie Lennox, Jonatha Brooke, David Wilcox, Amy Grant -- this list goes on and on. I love all types of music and I enjoy just letting the music lead me ... even if it's not the "typical song structure" I just write what feels good inside.



Written By: Lewis/Roman

Well it’s slow but it’s steady
Happens a little more each day
I don’t know if I’m ready
I can’t imagine what I’d say
Just when my heart feels something
That’s when my head kicks in
Tells my heart this is nothing
But my heart won’t listen
I think I’m falling………

Well it seems I get lost inside my mind
Wondering what should I do
And what’s that mean when every time
I just stop and smile at thoughts of you
Then it’s back to my head and my heart
They’ve been battling for so long
And I’m just left here to balance out
The fear that wont let go
To the calm that knows I’m gone
I am falling………

How do you know when to let it all show?
Just give into the truth
And if I told you this is how I felt
Would you laugh, would you cry
Would you maybe say you’re feeling this too?
I am falling…

Breathe In Music ASCAP

Simple Life

Written By: Lewis

I've been working far too hard, for far too long
Something’s got to give
Yeah, my mind it just worries of things I can't control
This aint no way to live
If I could just slow it down, take my time
I know somehow I'd surely find
That wonderful life I live inside my mind

It's a Simple Life, made for me
Everything is how it should be
It’s a wonderful life, the life of my dreams
I want to find, my Simple Life

So I slowed down, I looked around
What do you think I found
Yeah, my bills get paid; I've got this roof over my head
It don't look so bad now
And I've got the two cutest dogs, you ever did see
Tons of friends a wonderful family
I wonder why it took so long to see

I live a Simple Life, it's made for me
Everything is how it should be
It's a wonderful life, the life of my dreams
Looks like I found, my Simple Life

Well you know
Life's too short to think you don't have all you need
I believe

I live a Simple Life it's made just for me
Looks like I am right where I'm supposed to be
And to top it all off - I'm living my dream
Good God I love, I can't get enough of
Yes I love, I love my life
Oh yes I do

Well you know
Life is Good, All is well, and I am truly blessed

Think Of Me

Written By: Lewis

Wake up every morning
Before I even open up my eyes
There you go running through my mind
You no longer take me by surprise

As I make my way to start my day
Well as strange as this may seem
Low and behold what do you know?
I swear you’re swimming there in my coffee and cream
And I wonder, I wonder

Do you think of me like I think of you?
All day long nothing else gets through
Doesn’t matter what I do – somehow you’re always there
Yeah you’re in my head
Everywhere I go
I can’t take much more – I’ve got to know
I wonder – when can I see you again?

I kind of like wearing this smile on my face
I wouldn’t mind getting lost in this place
Cause it feels so good at the same time it kind-of scares me to death
My heart just pounds, it pounds so hard I can barely catch my breath
And I wonder – I wonder


I could go on and on just living in this dream
From you and me to how it could be
And everything in-between
Yeah and I know this is crazy
But still I can’t resist – I get lost just wondering how you kiss
Oh. But I’d like to know

I thought I was falling – I think it’s safe to say I went ahead and fell
And here’s the thing, I’m just waiting
For time to go on ahead and tell
Cause it is what it is
And it’s gonna be just what it will be
Still I’ve just got to tell you baby
Well I think ya just might be the end of me
And I wonder, yeah I wonder

C2003 Breathe In Music (ASCAP)


Simple Life - first CD released Indie.
"I Believe" - placed in The Eleventh Hour
"Without You' - placed in The Eleventh Hour

Set List

Lately I've done the more acoustic type setting. Set list usually consists of my own original material from the CD Simple Life. I also include some new material now and then.