Melissa Lukin

Melissa Lukin


Put the essence of Jewel, Enya, and the Corrs together with Melissa's original style....


Melissa Lukin is a spirited soul, and this always reflects in her velvety music.
Melissa started in the industry from an early age performing frequently on staqe and screen. She spent many years overseas working as a singer/dancer/actor in theme parks, cruise ships and production shows..
Originally from Brisbane, she moved to Melbourne, after travelling, to pursue her dream of writing and performing her own music.
Since, Melissa has been busy on stage, exploring her passion for music, and working with industry known producers. Her Pop/Folk style tells stories of love and life with honesty, a must for the soul.



Written By: Melissa Lukin

I didnt know what it was to break
but here I am just breaking down,
I dont believe a word you say anymore
You left me sitting here on my own
believing those lies that you told me dear
and now that its all been said and done
My life still remains the same when I met you , the same when I loved you the same when your heart touched mine..
Im drowning in landslides and floods of tears you left behind
Im drowning in your river of lies.
Well I cant believe you'd think to call after all this time, dont think for a minute Ive been waiting for you
Honey you must have lost your mind believing your words had no cause,
Sorry but I wont sympathise, cause my heart now remains the same when you hurt me the same when you left me, the same when you broke my heart
Im drowning in landslides, and floods of tears you left behing, Im drowning in your river of lies..
I wonder why all those times
when I felt so safe wrapped in your arms, didnt know you could do me any harm, you turned away on that silent day, how was I suppose to know, now its hard to let you go...
Im drowning, in landslides and floods of tears you left behind...

Me Again

Written By: Melissa Lukin

I wasnt ready for love to betray me
Cause I was blinded before and I couldnt see
that you'd be the one who'd melt me to my core
and you'd see my heart washed up on the shore, I was helpless, but now it makes sense..
Da da da, da da da, I Im me again,
da da da, da da da, Time's my oldest friend..
Da da da, da da da , I Im me again
da da da, da, da,da, a heart on the mend.

I came face to face with my inner fears, in an unsettled world and cried a million tears, for all that I felt, the pain the hurt uncertainty. Didnt think I could have dealt with this life without you here beside me, now I see...


I knew I needed just a little faith and a little space, I didnt know myself, it was all knew, didnt know the pain. But something inside of me told me, you'll be ok, its a brand new day, and now Im flying away and running away from those days..