Pop artist from Planet Mars


A childlike voice, early 80’s productions mixed with electro, pop and rock sounds, both French and English lyrics, romantic, sexy mixed with a childlike innocence… Some say Melissa could be one of Tim Burton’s imaginary fantasy characters… Melissa Mars has already released 3 albums in France, even exported to Japan and Canada. Melissa combines her passion for music with her first love as an actress, story-teller and film-making, and now directs her own videos : working not only in front of the camera but behind the scenes as well...
Discover her last new album : A La Recherche de l’Amour Perdu / The quest for lost love and her video « Love Machine » (english version)


A LA RECHERCHE DE L'AMOUR PERDU (QUEST FOR LOVE) / Polydor Universal 2007 - Single Love Machine, Et si nous 2. Top 8 on Radio FG

LA REINE DES ABEILLES (QUEEN BEE) / Polydor Universal 2005 - Single And I Hate You... Video and Radio Airplay

ET ALORS! (SO WHAT?!) / Polydor Universal 2003 - Single Papa M'aime Pas, Et Alors... Videos and Radio Airplay