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Melissa Monroe

 Lula, Georgia, USA
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Wish I Would've Known

Written By: Melissa Monroe

“Wish I Would’ve Known” by Melissa Monroe. Written in AAA Form.
Once a young girl of 15, sitting in my room
in the suburbs of a small house in Georgia
writing in my diary and thinking of Bill
he was older than me but I didn’t care
because I had a terminal case of puppy love
I couldn’t see that he was all wrong for me
wish I would’ve known then what I know now
what I know now, I wish I would’ve known then

Was a woman of 25, sitting in my church
in the sanctuary of an Alabama town
singing praises and worshipping the Lord
I recalled how Bill laughed at my beliefs
he said believing was just a waste of time
if only he could’ve been a believer, too
wish I would’ve known then what I know now
what I know now, I wish I would’ve known then

As a lady of 35, standing on my stage
in the arena of a city in California
singing for thousands who simply adored me
I recalled how Bill laughed at my dreams
he said dreaming was just a waste of time
if only he could’ve been a dreamer, too
wish I would’ve known then what I know now
what I know now I wish I would’ve known then

Now I’m a grandma of 65, sitting on my porch
in the comforts of the Kentucky countryside
holding hands, laughing with my husband, Jim
while swimming in a sea of kids and grandkids
well, old Bill has become an unpleasant memory
and despite all his doubts, I’ve done myself proud
wish I would’ve known then what I know now
what I know now, I wish I would’ve known then

Edge Of Eternity

Written By: Melissa Monroe

“Edge Of Eternity” by Melissa Monroe. Written in AABA Form.
Stumbling from her bed, wincing at the sun
Lisa nurses her head, runs for the bathroom
she takes no time to exchange pleasantries
as I quietly observe her from the couch
I choose not to tell my older sister
I know she was out all night again
and I’m worried because I can see
she’s on the edge of eternity

She prepares for drinks with lonely men
as she powders her nose from the inside
Lisa paints a face that resembles a road map
she ignores the marks on her wrists
as she sprays them with perfume
she’s talking, but no one’s in the room
and it looks very clear to me
she’s on the edge of eternity


Years ago, she was my role model
and she seemed destined for success
today, she’s on a path of destruction
only God above can help her now

So, I reach out to her this time
before she can escape out the door
Lisa laughs, but then bursts into tears
holding her, I plead with her to change
smiling through fear, she promises she will
then she slips outside into the darkness
Lord, please rescue her, my sister
I’m praying that you’ll save her life
because she’s on the edge of eternity

Look What I've Become

Written By: Melissa Monroe

“Look What I’ve Become” by Melissa Monroe. Written in Verse/Chorus Form.
Sitting here, thinking back on the events of yesterday
I haven’t lived a perfect life, but I have done okay
when my daughter came home from school
she shared with me some troubling things
the other kids’ parents told her about me

She said, “They called you a drunk and
a tramp, Mommy, what does that mean?”
Before I could think of how to answer
or even manage a response, she said
“Poor Mommy, please don’t cry
it doesn’t matter what they say because
I love you so much and whatever
you are, I want to be that way, too
because I want to be just like you”
Glancing down at my precious, little girl
as she stared up at me adoringly
her eyes so full of innocent trust
I prayed silently to myself
“Dear God, what have I done
I’m supposed to set an example
instead look what I’ve become”

After I managed to compose myself
I gazed upward and made a vow
“For her sake, I will change
I promise you, Lord, I will

Help me to be the mommy she needs
help me to undo all the damage
it’s time to erase the harm I’ve done
it’s time to correct all my mistakes”
(Repeat Chorus)
(Music Break)
(Bridge One)
Her words, they hit me so hard
my breath caught in my throat
her words stabbed me to the core
and the tears began to pour
(Music Break)
(Bridge Two)
I pulled her protectively into my arms
wishing I could shield her from the truth
I said, “Mommy’s been a bad girl, baby
but God will teach mommy how to be good”
(Repeat Chorus)

Broken Angel

Written By: Melissa Monroe

“Broken Angel” by Melissa Monroe. Written in Verse/Chorus Form

Broken angel, soon your wings will mend
broken angel, one day you’ll fly again
You may have been battered and bruised
by the storms that have crashed into your life
Your world may seem shattered and tossed
by the winds that have rushed into your life
but someday soon, you’ll rise above

You’ll soar among the clouds with your face held to the sky
wipe those tears from your eyes beautiful and broken angel
You see, I never told you this before, but I was once like you
yet I somehow made it through and I know that you will, too
Just keep on believing that an answer is on the way because
you are not abandoned and you are not forgotten, my child

God sees you and hears you in your pain
even through this rain, don’t ever give up hope
look for that rainbow and you’ll find happiness
there are many promises that He’s made to us
and He hasn’t broken a single one of them yet

(Repeat Chorus)
(Music Break)

You are not beaten, you are not wasted
your life has only just begun to get better
you will sort everything out once again

(Verse Three)
Please, listen to me, I am a lot like you
I was once myself a broken angel, too
He allowed me to suffer for a season
and to weather through many storms
so that I could comfort angels like you

Let me see you smile for a while and
flap your pretty, little angel wings
I think it’s time now for you to fly