Melissa Polinar

Melissa Polinar

 Ft. Worth, Texas, USA

Melissa Polinar - a little bit of everything with a whole lot of soul. A singer/songwriter with a fresh perspective not shying away from the classic vibe.


Based in North Texas, Melissa began her musical journey in an age where careers were born via viral promotion and continuously fueled by grassroots following. She actively posted YouTube videos starting in 2008 which now cumulatively garnered millions of hits. Her claim to online popularity wasn't because of her covers but original work. A true singer/songwriter, Polinar's voice, musicianship, and songwriting made avid fans out of some of music industry's veterans and leaders such as QuestloveIndia.ArieJay Sean, Karmin, Ernie Halter, and Tony Lucca

Polinar's independently released full-length album entitled "Calls & Echoes" was produced by David Ryan Harris (John Mayer, India.Arie, Guy Sebastian), Josiah Bell(Johnnyswim, Jaden Smith, Mat Kearney) and Jesse Barrera (Jeremy Passion, AJ Rafael, My American Heart). With a mix of acoustic soul, folk, and vulnerably honest vocals, the project features Melissa's musical versatility yet pulls everything together with sheer cohesiveness. 

“Polinar channels the soulfulness of Tracy Chapman and the folkie punch of Stevie Nicks while intermittently tapping on her guitar to keep rhythm...Polinar’s vast musical collage makes it nearly impossible to ascribe her sound to any particular genre.” -Adam Joseph (Monterey County Weekly)


Restore Me

Written By: (Chris Rodriguez/Melissa Polinar)

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Slowly through the dark
and bound by chains
I'm trying to find my way
Crawling until the break of day
Louder cries are heard
from my dying soul
Escape me to a better place

The sun may rise
above the plains
still my heart aches
Erase the pain
Remove these shameful stains
and I pray...

Take me
Come now, Lord, take me
'Cause lately
I'm thrown towards the ground

Release me
Renew my mind - my life
Rebuild me from these broken peices
Reignite me
Rejuvenate me
Reform me
Oh Lord, restore me
Oh..restore me

Though scattered I've become
You came to save
Right along my way
Trembling here before Your strength
Shake my world

Move me
Right now, yes, move me
Come closely
And lift my upwards from the ground


Time has come
The moment's now
So Father speak through me somehow
That every single word be Yours

So Father, Son, Spirit now
In your presence I will bow
Only through You I'm restored!

Always Need You

Written By: Melissa Polinar/Ed Cash

I've made up my mind
To get tangled up with you
even though I'm undeserving
more than the sunshine
up in the great big blue
you satisfy my every yearning

like an arrow out of nowhere
you hit the center of my heart

your love is good
your love is real
it captures everything that I feel
I need you now
I needed you then
and I will always need you
always need you

now that I'm here
everyday is new
I'm not going to look any longer
it's all so clear
everything pales to you
oh, your love just makes me stronger

like a shadow tied your heel
i'll follow wherever you go

I wanna climb to the top of a hill somewhere
and scream at the top of my lungs
the rain may come but I don't care
I'm gonna keep tellin' everyone that....


Melissa Polinar "Sound Vault Sessions - EP" (digital release/limited release on CD format 2007)
Melissa Polinar "(self-titled)" (independent released 2005, 2006)
Melissa Polinar "intro...." (independent released 2006)

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