Melissa Wood

Melissa Wood


Worship music that glorifies God and exalts Jesus Christ.


We love to worship God. We sing ans play songs written by various other worship leaders, while also doing a large set of original music.


Overcome the World

Written By: Melissa Wood

Please drown out the noise with Your whisper
Sing a song in my heart with Your whisper
Speak direction into my steps with Your whisper
I fall before Your word

Remove the loathing inside with Your great love
Renounce the depth of my pride with Your great
Unclean spirits will flee away with Your great love
I fall before Your grace

You overcame the world and then You gave me
A newness in my soul
I thank You for You

Overcome all my enemies with Your comfort
Strengthen all of my weak joints with Your comfort
Bring solace to my waging war with Your comfort
I fall before Your might

Jesus, oh Jesus, Your whisper is holy
Jesus, oh Jesus, Your great love is fierce
Jesus, oh Jesus, Your comfort is mighty
Jesus, oh Jesus, Your presence is here

Spill You into my soul with Your whisper
Plant hope throughout all my life with Your whisper
Please drown out the noise with Your whisper
I fall before Your word
I fall before Your word

We Sing a Song to You

Written By: Melissa Wood

I love You, we love You
How can we not?
I worship, we worship
With all we’ve got
Our Father, Redeemer
Our Savior, Creator
You have no end

We sing a song to You of love and worship
This is our praise
We lift You high together worshiping the
Name of all names

I love You, we love You
Of this we sing
I worship, we worship
Our lives we bring
Our Healer, Almighty
Comfort in strife
Our Master, O Sovereign
Giver of life

Desperate for You

Written By: Melissa Wood

I cry out to You, God of all that’s good in me
I need You, God, like I must have air to breathe
Desire’s not a strong enough word to express my need
I am desperate for You

You, Father, are all hope
You, Jesus, are all life
You, Spirit, are all truth
I am desperate for You

I cry out to You, God, Who’s created all things
Without You, God, my spirit and soul can’t make peace
Passion’s not a strong enough word to describe my plea
I am desperate for You

Father, You’re all I need
Jesus, You’re all I need
Spirit, You’re all I need
Three in One, be one in me


Written By: Melissa Wood

Facedown, I must be facedown
Please don’t lift my head
I must be facedown

Worship, we all must worship
Sacrifice our selves
So we can worship

Rise up, oh Lord, please rise up
I must lift Your name
So You may rise up

Glory, we bring You glory
All our voices sing
To bring You glory

Jesus, our hearts cry, “Jesus�
King above all kings
We cry out, “Jesus�

Wondrously Great

Written By: Melissa Wood

Who dare not be impressed by the magnitude of You
Unknown galaxies cry out Your name
Who could fail to see Your hand through the vastness of space
Your fingerprints stamp life into everything

Wondrously great, famously wonderful, our God
Master of all creation and time, our God
Marvelously true, truthfully glorious, our God
In awesome wonder, we humbly find You, our God

Who’s more powerful than You, our Deliverer and Strength
All heavenlies submit to Your name
Who could know the endless depths of Your thoughts and Your ways
Your majesty breathes life into everything

All life declares Your worth
The heavens and the earth
All glory belongs unto You

Boundless Mercy

Written By: Richard Wood

Mercy, boundless mercy
Mercy, boundless mercy

My soiled feet have walked these dusty roads
And yet You wash them, cleansing grace bestowed
My bloody hands have pierced Your naked skin
And yet you save me, renew me from within

So poor and yet so full
So hungry, yet so blessed
So broken, lifted up
So needy, fill my cup

Stand Up for Jesus

Written By: Melissa Wood

There is a sound rising in the church
The church of the living God is welling up
The springs of praise are bursting (repeat)

So now, now is the time to release
Ring out, sing and shout for our God
Our holy God, our holy God

Stand up for Jesus, the risen Lord
Stand up for Jesus, from shore to shore
Stand up for Jesus, across the world
Shout! Praise! Sing!
Lord, this kingdom is Yours

Na na na na, Jesus
Na na na na, Jesus (x4)

Your Power

Written By: Melissa Wood

I need You, Your power
Oh Jesus, Your power
We need You, Your power

You have promised me this power in Your name
I will choose to use this power in Your name

Jesus, we lift You now
To be our source of life and power
To press ahead this very hour and proclaim
That You have strengthened us
To worship You in holy love
Dispel the dark and overcome in Your name

Jesus’ power

Set List

Anywhere from 5 to 25 songs, depending on the type of worship event