Mel Jade

Mel Jade

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Mel Jade is an Aussie singer and writer. She fuses multiple musical genres into her tracks before injecting them with poetic yet catchy lyrics that speak of retro romance, risk, fantasy and feeling alive.
Mel Jade has hit a million views on YouTube, won an independent music award for her debut album and toured the UK.


Roll up, roll up! Introducing Australian pop singer Mel Jade.

Singing has been Mel Jade's number one love from a very early age.
I actually can't remember a time when I wasn't singing. she says, When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up at first I answered Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast', but when I realised that becoming a fictional cartoon character wasn't really a viable career option, I set my sights on singing instead.

Mel Jade wrote her first song in the bathtub at the age of three called 'I never thought a seahorse could drown'.
It was a very tragic song she laughs, but Mel Jade's love of singing and songwriting didn't stop there.

Mel Jade stepped onto the scene with her track 'Aliens' which was remixed and released by the Pretty Boys of Saint Tropez in Europe. The remix hit the charts after top DJ Armin Van Buuren picked it up and played it on his radio segment in Holland.

Mel Jade then embarked on an independent solo project and released her debut album 'Alive', a poetic yet catchy underground pop record.
It was both scary and exciting to start this project completely on my own. But the songs are all about taking chances, pushing boundaries and doing exactly what you want to do, so that's what I did!

Excitingly, the home made video Mel Jade created for her song 'We Could Make a Movie' hit over a million views on YouTube in a matter of weeks. Fashion TV aired behind the scenes footage from her 'Not That Serious' music video and she toured the UK promoting 'Alive'. Upon returning to Australia she was honoured with an Australian Independent Music Award for her album.

Mel Jade describes her style as pop infused with a million other influences as she listens to everything from rock to blues to classical to dirrty electro.
I just mash everything I like together Mel Jade says, and this cocktail of influences which she has fused and injected with her own poetic lyrics that speak of risk, fantasy, feeling alive and retro romance means the singer has emerged with her own brand of pop.

Though she's dripping with candy, Mel Jade also has something very raw and real about her. She is both recklessly fun and thoughtfully poetic, girl-next-door and glamorous, naughty and sweet, untouchable and approachable (she always replies to her followers on Facebook and Twitter).

I bought a huge bag of glitter off eBay, so I'm pretty much prepared for anything now.
So there you are, she's armed herself with songs and sparkles, and wants YOU on her team.



Written By: Melanie Schuijers,Daniel Pinkerton

Ooh it doesn't matter how dark it gets
I cross my heart I'm gonna be there
Ooh it doesn't matter if you're high or low
I'll be on your side no matter what

I'll be your number one fan, pom poms in hand
I'll be your cheerleader
Whether you win or lose, I'll root for you
I'll be your cheerleader
So listen and hear me scream, I'm on your team
I'll be your cheerleader

I'll try and fix it if you start to lose
Ooh but if you're going down I'm coming too
I know that you think you're kind of broken
Ooh but you have got more spirit than you know yeah


I don't care what anybody else says
This is our game, we play how we play
Don't ever think you're alone on the field
I am right here and you know I'll cheer for you



Remix: Pretty Boys from St. Tropez ft. Mel Jade "Aliens"

Remix: DJ Farre ft. Mel Jade "Rock and Roll"

Single: Mel Jade "Not That Serious"

Album: Mel Jade "Alive"

Single: Mel Jade "You"