Mel Jones & his Bag O'Bones

Mel Jones & his Bag O'Bones

 Mocksville, North Carolina, USA

Bones music is a unique blend of acoustic, blues,bluegrass, rap, comedy,jam band, gospel, rock and instrumental original songs & sound.You name it, they have it all! Fun and entertaining for everyone.


Why does everybody love the Blues? I’ll tell you why. Cause no matter if you are old or young, rich or poor, no matter where you’re from, no matter who your daddy is, no matter what you eat for breakfast, no matter what your real hair color is, some where, some how, sometime you’re gonna get the Blues. That is why the Blues has been the most influential form of music in the world touching jazz, country, rock and roll, Gospel, bluegrass, old time, R&B, reggae...and on and on.

But more than any other genre the Blues is a living and breathing thing surviving through the years by changing and evolving. Mel Jones and His Bag O Bones take acoustic Blues down the road to the next fork by doing the same thing that the old country blues masters did. They listened to the music around them, paid attention to the world around them, and lived their lives. From these sources they made the Blues well up in a musical spring that became a branch that became a creek that became a river that has now become a flood. The Bones are proud to add a few drops of their own.


cd- Bones To Pick, relased 2004
cd- Bonehead, released 2007

Set List

With the variety of songs in our repertoire, we tailor the content and number to the show. Sets last from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, 2 sets is a typical show.