Mellani Day and Dazed

Mellani Day and Dazed

 Lakewood, Colorado, USA

Mell's music has been described as "Chill Songs for Hot Times!" It is jazz- centric original music that takes you from jazz to blues, island and world. Sit back and enjoy the ride!


Mell and her band Dazed, play a fun eclectic mix of original jazz, blues, island and a little fusion and world as the need arises! It's a laid-back, chill sound. "Mostly True" Mell's first full-length project, co-produced with Eric Gunnison, reknowned jazz pianist, and featuring the Dazed Band, was released August 8, 2006. Promotion included ads and a review of "Mostly True" in Jazz Times, a National College and Independent Radio campaign and a Syndicated On-line Marketing effort by MusicDish which resulted in heavy to medium rotation on Indie stations across the U.S. and Canada in Fall of 2006. In addition, two of the songs on "Mostly True" won honorable mention in the Billboard Songwriting Competition World Division: Progress (reggae-jazz) and True Love (a Celtic Wedding Song - the bonus track on the CD).

More of Mell's original tunes can also be found on her 2004 debut EP, Shy to Sure, also co-produced with Eric Gunnison. Eric played and toured with Carman McRae for several years, and is now part of the faculty at the Denver University School of Music -- Jazz Program.

An additional two songs by Mellani Day from the Shy to Sure CD each won honorable mention in their category in the 2004 Billboard World Song Competition: Shy to Sure for Jazz, and Jade to Sapphire for World!

People need something to move them and bring some harmony, heartache and maybe a little hope and joy into their lives, and that's what is expressed through this music.


Mostly True, released August 2006, includes 11 original tunes, and a jazzy re-mix of Huey Lewis' "I Want a New Drug."

Shy to Sure -- 3 Song CD with 3 additional instrumental tracks (6 tracks total) for karaoke; Released May 2004

Losin' -- single on Q-Zone Records compilation CD; January 2004

Losin' -- single on Denver X Syndicate compilation CD - Women of Colorado - October 2004

Mell's songs are being played on Internet Radio stations throughout the U.S., and in Denver on FM station 99.5 (The Mountain). Also, go to:,, or for more!

Mell is registered with ASCAP.

Set List

Mellani Day and Dazed can do up to three hours of original music, but usually does two 50-minute sets with a mixture of original music and covers. Covers would include jazz and blues standards and jazzy versions of classic rock.

Original Music:

Shy to Sure*
Power Struggle
Louder than Words
Nothing New Under the Sun
You Can Get There
Something to Swear By
Yesterday's Lei
So Much of Nothing Going On
It Could be a Fire
If They Only Knew
Jade to Sapphire*
Don't You Hate It?
Rock Slide
My Heart Keeps Crying
Standing on the Shore with You (Build On)
True Love**
...and more

*Won honorable mentions in their catagories in the 2004 Billboard Song Competition. Dazed can also do jazz standards/classic rock covers upon request
**Won honorable mentions in their catagories in the 2005 Billboard Song Competition, and appear on the soon to be released project: Mostly True