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John Cougar Mellencamp Tribute band (with other classic rock hits). We are the nation's finest Tribute to America, Rock and Roll and the music of John Mellencamp. We are beyond perfect for festivals! With songs that hail "Ain't That America" and "I was born in a small town" We make fairs fun!


Mellencougar: Check It Out
By: Mario Bourzac

It's not everyday that a person gets to live out one of the biggest dreams. All too often it seems a great deal of people go their whole lives never knowing what it's like to reach their long desired goals. But that only makes those who do achieve them that much more remarkable.
One such man is Chicago's own Don Wilson.
Currently living out his dream of performing his favorite John Cougar Mellencamp songs, live on stage, Don Wilson is the lead singer for Mellencougar, one of the country's most authentic John Cougar Mellencamp tribute bands.

Having not only received the blessing from the man himself, Mellencougar also features several previous members of the JCM's own backing band. That experience, plus their genuine love of the material, has made them a devastatingly accurate tribute band.

Over the course of the last four years Mellencougar has been belting out their favorite and most often requested JCM tunes at venues throughout the Midwest. While their performances have garnered them a fair amount of notoriety, it wasn't always this way. For a band that originally started on a whim, they have come quite a long way in a relatively short period of time.

But it is these same simple beginnings that keep the band so close to the spirit of the music. Much like JCM himself, Mellencougar has come from a modest background and developed through a love of the music.

In addition to their similar backgrounds, Mellencougar also shares a few other key connections with JCM. Those connections come in the form of two band members, bassist/guitarist Toby Myers and keyboard player Moe Z M.D. Both Toby and Moe spent a significant amount of time in JCM's backing band before becoming permanent members of Mellencougar.

"In July '09 I was contacted by Toby Myers who was John Mellencamp's bass player from 1982 to 2000 to sing at his birthday," Wilson said. "We hit it off and I decided to make Mellencougar even more authentic when Toby and Moe Z M.D, another JCM former band member (1995 to 2003), told me they wanted in."

As a lifelong fan of JCM, these new additions were without a doubt a monumental moment for Wilson.

"I remember coming out of the bridge on the song 'Check It Out'" Wilson said of one of the first shows with the new members. "I look over and see Moe and Toby singing and thinking 'This is the best seat I've ever had.'"

Despite their obvious love for the music of JCM, as well as the collective talents of the band, being in a tribute band still provides them with some unique experiences that the original just doesn't get. And after one particularly riotous show, Don experienced one of these truly unique moments.

"A drunk guy slurred as he asked for my autograph and told me 'Jack and Diane' was the best thing I've ever done," Wilson said. "I signed his shirt Don Wilson and said I had to catch the bus."

He then added, "I get the feeling he wasn't that happy about his shirt when he sobered up and could read."


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Set List

Lonely ol night
Get a leg up
Check it out
rock in usa
cherry bomb
small town
rain on the scarecrow
come together
honkey tonk women
rocky mountain way
suzy q
just another day
jack n diane
i'm not running anymore
crumblin down
running down a dream
you wreck me
Wild Night
paper in fire
Again Tonight
i need a lover
play guitar
hurt so good
hand to hold
Key West Intermezzo
authority song
what if I came Knockin
pink houses
and more....