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"Antitainment Review"

Washington, D.C.-area rapper Mello-D, aka Darnley Hodge, is one of the more positive hip-hop artists out there, as displayed in "Cool Witchu," the leadoff single from his third album, Antitainment. The rap displays a remarkable degree of tolerance for everyone from atheists to fans of football teams other than the Redskins. No matter what you're into, Mello-D assures the listener, "I'm cool witchu." Elsewhere, the rapper at first seems to be indulging in a seduction fantasy in "The Ride: Bonita 2004," only to reveal at the end that he and his girlfriend have simply been role-playing. In "The Square Dance," he takes on a subject not much discussed among rappers, the working world in which an employee must deal with middle management (now there's a phrase you don't hear much in rap) in seeking a raise. Mello-D isn't above expressing himself in common ethnic vulgarities and obscenities (although the album does not contain a parental advisory), and, despite his name, he isn't entirely mellow. He gets angry and frustrated here and there, but even when he does, as on "Find a Way," his problems are those of a conventional man in conventional social and business situations, not the usual outsider rage heard in rap: he's worried about his blood pressure, his girlfriend wants him to be more communicative, BET thinks his video doesn't have good enough production values. (Well, OK, most of us don't have that last problem.) If rap is supposed to be about real life, Mello-D nevertheless presents a real life actually rarely discussed in rap, the life of paying bills, working for a living, and maintaining a relationship. This is one rapper who isn't celebrating drug-taking, misogyny, and violence, and it's also one who is not dependent on musical samples; he's perfectly capable of writing his own music and playing a mean saxophone, too.

- William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide - All Music Guide


"Antitainment is Dope. I like this record alot."--- KRS-ONE

"...Mello-D personifies the unexpected...His lyrics flow like poetry on water, and the smooth delivery only adds to his immense musical skills."
--- Urban Network Magazine

"The Best Hip-Hop this side of The Roots Crew."
--- C-Knowledge a.k.a. Doodlebug from Digable Planets

"... His lyrical style will leave you amazed after just one verse...This artist is definitely new, different and tight."
--- Black Radio Exclusive

"A lyrical ninja...Mello-D is gonna do some damage!"
--- Punchline Magazine - Various


Backsliding (1998)
The Ultimate Truth (2001)
Antitainment (2004)
Antitainment Vol. 2: Truth, Lies, Etc. (2008)



We’ve been all over the world playing this music.”
Says, Mello-D. “This band represents the future of hip-hop. Live instruments, dope lyrics, clear messages. We show the world that it is possible to be a talented respectable hip hop group… without being corny.”

In the 10 years Mello-D & the Rados has been touring, this live hip-hop band has gotten a lot of national and international attention.

The 1998 debut of Mello-D's first album, Backsliding, received high praise from within the music industry, introducing this multi-talented artist to the world in a big way. The 2002 release of The Ultimate Truth built on that momentum producing the blazing lead single, "Keep On", which dominated college radio in the U.S. and climbed all the way to #2 on the HITS / Rap Attack radio charts. Along with the success of "Keep On", Mello-D & the Rados released a music video for the second single, "Stupid Jerk", which features comedian T.L. Fitz (Comic View, Apollo) and was televised on BET, MHZ Networks and other national video programs.

Today, Mello-D & the Rados have taken another giant leap forward with the risky new album Antitainment. The lead single "Cool Witchu" hit the top #3 on college radio nationwide and the music video was played regularly on B.E.T., MTV2 and other major video outlets exposing Mello-D & the Rados to over 100 million people worldwide. Mello-D also recorded the "Cool Witchu" remix featuring the legendary KRS-ONE. The band has sold thousands of CDs all over the world.

5 songs from "Antitainment" were included on the 2007 Grammy Awards Nominating Ballot.

Mello-D & the Rados has also made a huge international impact in recent years taking Antitainment international with successful tours in England and two tours in Brazil pulling over 10,000 fans into the shows. The band's fourth album "Antitianment Vol. 2: Truth, Lies, Etc." features KRS-ONE and will be released in June 2008.

Much more than your average emcee, Mello-D is a true renaissance man. He plays the saxophone plus all the other instruments in his band and he writes and produces both the lyrics and the music tracks for Mello-D & the Rados. "Antitainment represents a deviation from the empty, lifeless music called 'hip-hop' by the mainstream." Says Mello-D. "It's an appeal to the consciousness and humor of the listener without being silly, preachy or redundant. This is relevant music."

Mello-D has rocked the mic with such popular artists as KRS-ONE, Jill Scott, Liquid Soul, The Roots, Dead Prez, Les Nubians, Jimmy Cliff, Tanya Morgan, Maxi Priest, Carbon Leaf, Fighting Gravity and he has played with jazz legends like Charlie Hampton, Herb Smith, Barry Harris, George Coleman and Clark Terry. Mello-D & the Rados has also performed at many Colleges and Universities.

The band's fourth album "Antitainment Vol. 2: Truth...Lies...Etc." was released in June 2008. It features KRS-ONE and is available on iTunes and