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For those who have ever wondered can rap music be sexy, Mello Mello has the answer and it's yes - hell yes! Reminiscent of the Dr. Dre produced "Addictive" performed by Truth Hurts in 2001, this track has an erotic pulse and a sneaky, grinding backbeat that any stripper would appreciate. These guys spit the lyrics that ladies want to hear, and the fellas wish they had thought of. With a hook that's simple and infectious, the song would stick at both Hip Hop and Urban radio stations.

Artist: Mello Mello
Album: An Abstract Love Story
Label: Mello-Soul Records
Genre: Rap
Sounds Like: ?
Technical Grade: 7/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 8/10
Commercial Value: 8/10
Overall Talent Level: 8/10
Songwriting Skills: 8/10
Performance Skill: 8/10
Best Songs: Single
Weakness: Technically - Not commercially competitive - Gian Fiero

"Vibe magazine doesn't know crap about Arizona hip-hop!"

Lists are fun to make, and even more fun to dispute. There's always some glaring injustice to kvetch, some oversight that demands a reaming. For example, Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Albums Ever Made. Put four Beatles albums in the top 10, which makes sense, but I personally think ranking Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band number one of all-time (ahead of The Beatles. White and Rubber Soul albums) is inaccurate, unless we're talking about the album covers and not the actual album content. Putting the Patti Smith Group Horses all the way down at #44 was another point of contention for me, as was ranking Stevie Wonder's Innervisions at #23, while knocking his incomparable Songs in the Key of Life down to #56.

Music is, of course, a subjective thing, and everyone has her or her own opinions about what is good. But when the perceived goal of a list is to tell people what's new and good, taste makers can miss the mark by miles.

On that tip, Vibe magazine recently named the 51 Best MySpace Rappers by state. I'm not sure how Vibe determined who made the list, but I beg to differ with their Arizona pick. The only artist from Arizona that passed muster with Vibe was a Phoenix rapper who goes by the handle MC Magic. Now, I'll admit, I'd never heard of MC Magic until I saw this list. So I checked out the songs on his MySpace page, and they're pretty solid -- mostly a mix of reggaeton and other Latin flavors, R&B, and low-key, seduce-you type rhymes (think Pitbull-meets-D'Angelo). But while MC Magic's tracks are slick, I feel that Vibe totally overlooked at least a dozen of our best local hip-hop acts. Believe it or not, P-city is a hip-hop haven, and we've got an amazingly diverse array of artists here, any one of which could (and should) have made the Vibe list.

So here is my list of the Top 12 Arizona Hip-Hop Acts. They are not listed in any sort of order, as I believe they are all equally worth your ear. Of course, even this list is going to omit some of our city's most solid MCs -- feel free to give 'em a shout-out in the comments, if you feel I've forgotten someone.

Tags: 51 Best MySpace Rappers, Antedote, Arizona hip-hop, Blunt Club, Cousins of the Wize, Cross Platform, Cut Throat Logic, DJ Kane, Drunken Immortals, Emerg McVay, Fetti Profoun, ILL AL the Anglo Saxon, Intrinzik, MC Magic, Mello Mello, Pokafase, Survivalist, Tha Formula, The Insects, The Premiere, The Smob, Vibe magazine, Vocab Malone, Wildlife Refuge Crew.

More on the soulful R&B tip than the urban hip-hop tip, Mello Mello makes smooth soul songs with urban beats, designed to make the ladies swoon and give the fellas more seductive tracks for their mix tapes. The duo's latest album, An Abstract Love Story, is available now from several sources, including CDBaby. - Niki D'Andrea - NewTimes

"Mello Mello's An Abstract Love Story: Down to Earth, Love, Sexy Drama"

Mello Mello: Rich Reddy & Xtravagentways

Neo Soul is the antidote to the pervasiveness of whack R&B; so-called music that replaced the feelings, experiences, hopes and dreams of the average man or woman with contrived images and dreams of unattainable lavish lifestyles... of opulent wealth and perpetual sex with fantasy women. He didn't start the trend but Eddie Murphy set the standard with his absurd ballad, the title track on his 1985 album 'How Could It Be', the record which spawned "Party All The Time." Murphy is seen in a mansion, white of course, dressed in a white robe, and playing a white piano and warbling in a falsetto about how hard it is to be rich and date super models. Now all R&B has sunk to this level, aided and abetted by rap culture with its desperate, cartoonish materialism.

Soul music back in the day - the '60s and '70s - had songs like "Beauty Is Only Skin Deep" with lyrics like, "A pretty face you may not possess, but what I like about you is your tenderness." You had songs where homeboy admitted straight out that he was an average hard workin' dude or just poor, like the man in the often covered tune "The Poor Side of Town" by Johnny Rivers: "That rich guy you've been seein' / Must have put you down / So welcome back baby / To the poor side of town." You had songs full of real life wisdom like "Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This." No more sentiments like these in R&B.

Thankfully we have neo soul artists like Angie Stone and D'Angelo and two New Jacks from Arizona, Mello Mello. Mixing rap and soul rooted in the soil of the classics, they are immediately comparable to OutKast. But whereas, even at the beginning, OutKast did one rap dominated song, with a vocal hook or chorus, or, conversely, a vocal number with a rap thrown in, Mello Mello has integrated the two parts with vocalist Rich Reddy and rapper Emcee Xtravagentways. Their sound, created by producer Raycean, is restrained and tasteful with a relaxed vibe that suits the album's theme. Conceived as a unified concept album - rare today in iPod culture - 'An Abstract Love Story' it starts with mellow party jam where they extol their charms and invite you into their world, the world of love songs.

The rest of the CD is made up of love songs of various shades; from the initial step up and game spitting on "I Just Wanna Love You" ("I can hit with the charm that you just can't see / Have your mind in the clouds like the finest weed / Help me bring to life this dream to share with you everything that belongs to me / ... it ain't about the late night call I just want to have it all"), to the erotic romantic come on of "The Best Thing for U Iz Me" ("The best thing for you is me ... recognize your destiny"), and through rough patches of hurt in the song "Come Home" and the confusion of "Do You Luv Me or Hate Me."

Girls cheat and love fades in the real world that this music lives in and Mello Mello relate this in "Movin' On," a cut that really lays in on the line: "I gotta move on / 'cause all the love is gone / ain't no use in holdin' on / you did me wrong and now I'm gone." But just like in real life you can't keep a brother down so they end with a hopeful party song called "Steppin' Out" where they plan to get back in the game with the hotties at the club. Unlike a rap version of the club song, which is all about power and beefin' and scaring girls into sleeping with you 'cause you're so thugged out, it's clear that, like the songs on the entire CD, these brothers are mellow mellow, and looking for that crazy sexy good loving. An Abstract Love Story sits perfectly in a niche that was once filled by Motown, one where people who are "grown ... or young, hip and still maturing" can get something from the music. Remember, beauty's only skin deep.

- Mark Kirby (Associate Writer)

"Mello Mello :: Foxy Lil' Thang!"

Coming out of hot Phoenix, Mello Mello follow suit and make it nice an toasty. Rhymes are provided by Xtravagentways and vocalist, Rich Reddy provides the sultriness. Together they find common and very amorous, ground. An Abstract Love Story is a silky collision of hip hop and nu-soul and the result is (Speaking in a Don Cornelius voice) smooooooth. "Foxy Lil' Thang" features the duo at their finest, making it hot enough to melt glaciers. So peep An Abstract Love Story and don't be surprised if by the time this album reaches the masses, the world's population rises slightly. -

"Mello Mello-An Abstract Love Story"

When we think of soul music, many of us tend to think of the days back during the Motown heyday as well as the rest of the '60s through the '70s. Nothing spoke louder and heart-hitting sentiments like R&B and soul.

Mello Mello has somewhat brought that back with An Abstract Love Story; the duo consists of vocalist Rich Reddy and rapper Emcee Xtravagentways. Their sound was created by producer Raycean, and it is restrained and tasteful with a relaxed vibe that suits the album's theme.

The album is made up of love songs from the initial step up and game spitting on "I Just Wanna Love You" to the erotic romantic come on of "The Best Thing for U Iz Me."

There is hurt outlined in "Come Home” and confusion of "Do You Luv Me or Hate Me,” while “Movin On” relates to the real-world issues of partners cheating and love fading.

The CD ends with a hopeful party song, "Steppin' Out, “ telling the story of getting back in the club scene.

Unlike a rap version of the club song, this is…well, a more mellow version of two fine young men singing about and looking for that good loving.

An Abstract Love Story compensates for the void that hasn’t been filled since the days of Motown, one where people from all walks of life can get something from the music. Don’t judge a book--or in this case, a CD--by its cover.
- Indie Music Stop

"Mello Mello"

JAJI smooth tenor vocalist of the wrapper and create world Chill Out. Hey, it's not look combination with the recent royal road duo's debut attention. Vocalist and rapper duo. Like once I saw the duo consists of well, but recently not look unexpectedly in the most simple and true combination. RICH REDDY. Marvin Gay's infatuation, smooth taste and tenor melody line core coated with a sweet atmosphere. Meanwhile EMCEE XTRAVAGENTWAYS the wrappers. D'ANGELO ERYKAH BADU and also a great fan of the imagination are just allow the JAZZY HIP-HOP style. That combination works because it is naturally done NEO SOUL sound system up close, people say there is a "unique and sexy, hip and sense" of what form. JAJI truck also simple and most elements seem to think the club Chill Out in the timing appears to play music that will receive an array lined up. Use the tip is not flashy, but has so far obtained feeling comfortable loop album is not quite with it? And making a lot of tracks such influence will be the producer RAYCEAN man. Quite sophisticated in the sense that the owner of the sense has been compared KANYE WEST is good enough. The cornerstone of this name check. Group hi-sounding name, and pleasantly mellow sound with good quality pursue duo's debut album. We hope many black music listeners ear works. Track List 1. Party Witchu (Interlude) 2. Mello Mello 3. I Just Wanna Love U 4. Tha Best Thing 4 U iz Me! 5. She's My Addiction (Interlude) 6. All I Want is You 7. Angel 8. Come Home 9. Bah-Dah-Dah (Interlude) 10. Foxy Lil' Thang! 11. Dedicate The Night 12. Follow Along 13. Do U Love Me or Hate Me? 14. Movin' On 15. Steppin' Out 16. Sexy Mami (Bonus Track) -

"Abstract Love"

Abstract love

NeoSoul is far from dead, the show singers and rappers Rich Reddy Xtravagentways. The duo "Mello Mello" they now have their first joint panel. "An Abstract Love Story" is the album that most Raycean produced.

"The CD reflects who we are - Xtravagants with my hip-hop R & B," says Reddy. "We both are very gentle and relaxed people who already have a pair of relations behind them and have stories to tell."

As the first single Mello Mello have already "I Just Wanna Love U" outputs. Other songs on the debut album, "Dedicate the Night," "Movin 'On," "Angel," "Come Home" and "Foxy L'il Thang." Further details about the band read on the official website at www.mello-soul. com.

~lk, -

"Mello Mello"

There had already arrived the items on a duo of Phoenix, which was proposing an original sound called Mello-soul! Curious we moved our knowledge, and within a few days, here here, the new cd "Mello Mello" he is playing in our player and we must admit that these guys give us inside! The vocalist Richard Scroggins and David Smith mc mixed cards, and create an alternate 'alchemy that passes by Marvin Gaye tunes of the rap of Outkast! Pieces like "i just want to love u", "she's my addiction" and "tha best thing iz u 4 me!" Are the axes in the sleeve of these artists, enriched by beautiful groove and excellent voice shares that make a qualitative leap in this "An abstract love story". Of note also the mid-tempo "movin'on" and the beautiful "foxy lil 'thang." An album halfway between rnb and our beloved neo soul ... that this is the recipe of Mello-soul. - Christian Vlad...Nu-Soultrain

"Getting Mellow with Mello Mello"

Sometimes I have to bring a little soul up in here and this week I’m doubling up on it with the duo of Xtravagentways and Rich Reddy, better known as Mello Mello. Xtravagentways and Reddy met a handful of years ago while working as telemarketers in their native Arizona. It was one of the rare side jobs they found where they could take advantage of their melodic voices and as soon as they found out about each other’s musical aspirations they starting working together. Though they differ in how they create music, Xtravagentways is an MC while Reddy is a vocalist, together they combine to make a smoothed out version of soul that is rapidly gaining in popularity. This week I caught up with Xtravagentways to find out more about the music he and Reddy create, including the work on their 2007 release An Abstract Love Story, whether or not creating smooth music equates to them being smooth with the ladies, and what kind of topics they’d like to address musically in the near future.

Read the full interview at:
- Adam B

"Mello Mello/An Abstract Love Story"

Mello Mello – An Abstract Love Story / 2007 Mello-Soul / 16 Tracks /

Mello Mello have a pretty good description of their general sound in their act’s name. What results from tracks like their eponymous opening track is something that resembles Jodeci, Tony Toni Tone, or even Boyz II Men. “Tha Best Thing 4 U Iz Me” has a much more current type of sound, and this R&B meets rap flow could easily be on an Usher, UGK, or Outkast album, despite each influence representing a different part of the track.

The vocals vacillate between a smooth, Usher-like sound and a more intelligent and complex Outkast sound, while the funk meets current rap sound of the backing beat approaches that of a UGK. What I’m trying to say here is that, regardless of the rap or R&B style that a listener might like, that there is something present during “An Abstract Love Story” that everyone can like. The interludes (skits during rap albums) actually fit into the larger context of the album. This is a marked departure from the bulk of rap and R&B albums, as skits on those albums usually detract from what may be a solid album. When Mello Mello create an interlude, as is the case with “She’s My Addiction”, the act goes forth and weaves in common threads from earlier songs and keeps all the momentum and energy going that were present on the earlier tracks.

“All I Want Is You” is a track that is interesting in that the vocals conform to the slower R&B style, while the piano/synthesizer present on the track marches to another drummer. This “marching” is marked by challenging tempo and time signature changes, which have the effect of changing what was already solid into being extraordinary. While there is not much in the way of a direct jazz influence during “An Abstract Love Story”, Mello Mello show that they love the different structures that jazz used, making their own efforts into something that are fulfilling in ways that typical R&B never could aspire to. Mello Mello, if given the correct push, will be the future of R&B music. All they need now is a few intrepid radio stations to give them play, and the fans will stream in fast and furious. The music on here is solid, catchy, and impressive enough to ensure them a long career. Check out Mello Mello’s website for snippets from the album; they are the future of R&B, and they want you to check them out.

Top Tracks: She’s My Addiction, Angel

Rating: 7.3/10
- NeuFutur Magazine/James McQuiston


Album: An Abstract Love Story
Single: I Just Wanna Love U
Single: Movin' On
Single: Angel
Single: Dedicate The Night
Single: Follow Along
Single: Come Home
Single: Do You Love Me or Hate Me?
Single: Tha Best Thing 4 U iz Me!
Single: All I Want is You
Single: Mello Mello
Single: Foxy Lil' Thang!



Creating a unique sound they say you can be “grown and sexy to, or young, hip and still maturing” to enjoy, the exciting new neo-soul duo Mello Mello is destined to touch hearts and minds everywhere with their debut album An Abstract Love Story.

Fifteen of the sixteen tracks on An Abstract Love Story (which features 13 songs and three interludes) were produced by Raycean, one of the city’s hottest R&B/Hip-Hop producers whose sound blends the shape of Kanye West and the energy of Swizz Beatz.

Though Mello Mello is releasing An Abstract Love Story as a whole project—and to really go deep into the experience of their musical narrative, it must be listened to in its entirety—an obvious first single would be “I Just Wanna Love U,” which has a sexy, subliminal groove under the duo’s desire to do whatever it takes to make a woman know how they feel. They’re likewise direct and romantic on “Dedicate the Night,” the slow grooving ballad that came together the fastest of any on the collection. “Movin’ On,” which reminds the duo of “the evening sunset on a nice summer day, when you’re ready to go out and hit the clubs,” takes a different approach, with Xtravagantways doing more straight spoken word than rap. The dreamy “Angel,” “Come Home” and “Foxy L’il Thang” are pure spotlights for Reddy’s extraordinary vocal talents. The two-minute interlude “Bah-Dah-Dah” explores more exotic and improvisational territory with its jazzy feel with a touch of Miami meringue/salsa.

Before forming Mello Mello, both Reddy and Xtravagentways performed at some of Phoenix’s best-known venues. Reddy has sung at the Celebrity Theatre, The Venue in Scottsdale and The Marquee Theatre. Xtravagentways played everywhere with Phat Richard and also did a solo gig at the intimate Hollywood Alley in Tempe. As a duo, they have so far lit up crowds at Famous Sam’s, The Loft and Party’s. Now that An Abstract Love Story is out there, Mello Mello is ready to roll beyond the desert and groove people everywhere.

© 2007 Mello Mello