mellotron_ is Detroit's premiere progressive-metal group comprised of handpicked players from some of Detroit's best Progressive and Metal acts.


Mellotrön is the brainchild of Detroit-based guitarist, vocalist and metal innovator Tony Piccoli. Influenced by the raw power of bands such as Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah and Pantera , as well as the disciplined complexities of progressive groups like Dream Theater and Genesis, Piccoli set out to change the face of metal. His blend of crushing guitars, ethereal overtones, a combination of vocal styles and wonderful melody are wrapped in subtly complex time signatures, skull-crushing guitar riffs, and melodic hooks so memorable that you will need surgery to get these songs out of your head.

After playing in several bands while living Arizona in the 90’s, Piccoli moved back to his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. He began writing songs that would become the blueprint for Mellotrön’s sound. After years of writing the music and working on perfecting the sound, Piccoli hooked up with local musicians to record two demo discs titled The Umlaut Speaks & The Umlaut Doth Spake which Piccoli himself says both are “fucking certified.”

In 2007 Mellotrön made the leap from a recording project to a fully fledged live band. Joining Piccoli is a veritable super group of Detroit area progressive and metal artists. First to sign on was former Tiles drummer Pat DeLeon who has recorded with Tiles on the Magna Carta and InsideOut music labels and well as touring Europe as the opening act for Dream Theater.

Solidifying the rhythm section is Bryan Paxton, who is a brutal metal force in his own right playing with Detroit metal bands JustDefy and Miles Beyond. Next to sign on was keyboardist/vocalist Pete Hopersberger from the Detroit progressive rock group Space Nelson. Pete’s musical knowledge and pure talent takes the Mellotrön sound to the next level. Rounding out the lineup is guitarist/vocalist and all around musical chameleon Scott Thompson. Scott has played numerous instruments in numerous Michigan groups as well as being an established solo artist.

Mellotrön’s live sound is a solidly dynamic onslaught designed to please everyone — from the hardest of hardcore metal-heads to the finicky ears of the progressive rock crowd — all while being easily accessible to the casual listener. Mellotrön’s live performance is a high energy yet disciplined assault that comes off as both brutal and lighthearted like the music itself. Mellotrön is coming. You have been warned.


And Go
Release Date:November 14, 2008
Label:FC Records
Debut E.P. From Mellotrön_ Showcases what the band can and will do.

Track Listing
1 Driving Home
2 With Death This Story Ends
3 Swamp (Rickets)
4 Sick
5 Complacency

Set List

Typical set list currently consists of original mellotrön_ progressive-metal compositions as well as the occasional cover song.

Here It's Over - approx. 5:00
Swamp - approx. 5:00
Raven - approx. 15:00
With Death This Story Ends - approx. 6:30
Driving Home - approx. 9:00
Complacency - approx. 6:00
Sick - approx. 9:00
Timbre - approx. 11:00