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bless this mess

Written By: Joe Laroc

Bless this mess

Don’t you know that it hurts me
Every time I see you play
With everything you try to hide

It turns my whole world upside down
When I know you’re misbehaving
Leaving me like walking suicide

Oh excuses, excuses you know I’m used to it
‘Cause I used to be part of this bad crowd
God send me a window to pour out my ache
‘Cause she slammed the door right on my fingers

Babe I love you so
But you’ll never know
No, no, no, no

I don’t want to play your game
It’s such a shame
To curse your name

But my heart is ill disposed
To take what you’ll never be able to give
And my love is out of control
So please won’t you help me clean up this mess

Let the world take care of the rest
Ah give it a rest

What’s a man supposed to do
When he’s beaten through and through
Should he act like he’s above it

Should he bleed from inside
And pretend he’s alive
While his only soul is getting stepped on

I wish I could step outside of myself
But the directions seem too complicated
God send me a window to pour out my ache
‘Cause she slammed the door right on my fingers

La Cachette

Written By: Joe Laroc

La cachette

Dehors avec l’aube
Pour changer le mal de place
J’ai l’sourire aux lèvres
C’est d’même quand j’te trouve trop belle

Jusqu’au bord du ciel
Les nuages braillent pour ton soleil
J’ai l’vent dans les yeux
Perdus dans ton grand secret

Le feu dans la tête
Pour purifier tout c’que j’sais
J’cales au fond de l’eau
Pour attraper une perle

Le temps qui s’emporte
Tiens-moi fort par c'que j’ai peur
Ça tombe comme des feuilles mortes
Fait une p’tite place pour mon cœur
Mon corps a d’besoin d’ta chaleur
Y’a d’la place pour nous deux
T’és le rêve que j’cherchais
Toute l’amour que j’voulais
J’donnerais toute le monde entier

Pour trouver ta cachette

The thief

Written By: Joe Laroc

The thief

There’s no time to explain so I settle here in bed
I’d rather be sharing my dirty sheets with you instead
Strange how love between two hearts can make us look the other way
How can someone I barely know take my hopes and dreams away

How dare you judge a man’s deeds while he still pulls weight
Do you watch his life unfold as he tries to change his fate
Strange how love between two souls can dig deep in the ground
How can someone I really know keep secrets that I found

If I keep working these poor fingers to the bone
Darling will you hold me tight when I just want to be alone
Sweet Jesus are you with me
Can you lift my spirits up
Have mercy when you see me
‘Cause I stole blood from your cup

I go



The mellowaves (2005)

Set List

Set 1

Have a good night
La cachette
Cup of Joe
Broken record
Dyke hag
In the air tonight (Phil Collins)

Set 2

Short and sweet
Self pity
Bico (Pettre Gabriel)
A force de respirer
Under her wing


Bless this mess
The wind cries Mary (Jimi Hendrix)