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""Groovy, Infectious Rock""

"Groovy, infectious rock that's impeccably vintage, yet still cuts the edge of today's scene."

""Genius, Creative, Original, Talented, Diverse, Multi-Cultured, Spiritual""

"The Band overall are naturally talented as performers and musicians. They have a diverse mix of sound that takes you across the platform. In their own right they are creative genius. They have the ability to write original song-lyrics and sing songs from their most inner-self emotions. The music is rooted deeply in Rock, Blues, Jazz, Folk, and Country mixed all in at times. There is a deep Spiritual/Conscious awareness taking place in their music that shows their soul, spirit beyond other realms. They have opened up a new door with a new sound that reaches a large gap of audience where it is much needed in the Music Industry today. They are going to go places as their music speaks for itself. They are refreshing. "

- Peggy Leyva-Conley - Delta Snake Blues Magazine - BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA

""Amazing Tunes""

"Not many blues bands contain the wide-ranging versatility of Mellow Down Easy. I recently received five songs from their upcoming release, Brothers of the Left Hand Path, and after hearing these tracks I await the full record with anxious anticipation.

From the first notes on "Human Nature," I was hooked on the quality of production and songwriting in these songs. The second track, "Cocaine Women Blues," is a three-minute un-love story accompanied by some mighty fine guitar licks. Rounding out the disc,
"She's the Only Girl," "Morning Turns Electra" and "Can't Bring Me Down" do a good job of making the point that this band can do the blues up, down and sideways if they must.

-Eric Turner - Chattanooga Pulse Magazine - CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE

""...Play The Paint Off The Walls""

"Rock in the vain of the late 60's blues-psychedelia scene is rare these days. More so, I'd imagine, in Tennessee. And yet, here's Mellow Down Easy, singing about cocaine women and the Devil's slide, and, frankly, kicking ass. These cats really enjoy their sound, and they can play the paint off the walls. These guys actually play some pretty hot music, and while it was completely unexpected, it's a neo-blues groove is a revitalizing change from all those Promo bands getting signed these days." - Origivation Magazine - HAVERTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA

""MDE Storms the U.K.""

"Very well written songs with infectious melodies and clever lyrics and an angle that is unique to this baron industry." - Rebecca Williams, A&R Chromium Records, LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND

""Swanky Soul Garage Rock""

"The swanky soul garage rock of Nashville's Mellow Down Easy comes to Toledo's popular speakeasy. Somewhere between the White Stripes and soul rockers like Lenny Kravitz, Mellow Down Easy is a hip-shaking trio who lay the nostalgia on heavy, but never unnecessarily. The group's sound is inexplicably modern, but taken out of the context of MySpace, seems as appropriate and natural sounding from an 8-Track circa '76 as it does from a cassette tape in 1992." - The City Paper - TOLEDO, OH

""A Tapestry of Sound""

"This extremely talented trio transported an entire audience to another place. Shade's of 60's and 70's rock wound through a tapestry of sound that hailed back to bands like Cream, The Yardbirds, and many lesser-known underground acts. Coming off somewhere between The Black Crowes & Led Zepplin, I was intrigued at the varying elements used in their music. Blues, 60's & 70's era rock riffs...even some Country was evident in their performance. These guys were extremely eclectic, but also very satisfying to hear & watch."


""Intense, Exciting and Highly Original""

"Mellow Down Easy takes influence from great rock and roll bands of yesterday and mixes it with a unique blend of style and musicianship that stands out and has been missing in today's music world for quite some time. Intense, exciting and highly original. This three piece from Nashville, Tennessee is making waves not only in their own homeland but clear across the Atlantic in parts all over Europe too. This could very well be one of THE bands to watch in 2007." - N.M.E. - LONDON, ENGLAND

"I Haven't Been This Enthralled Since CREAM'S 'Disraeli Gears'"

"That is not the norm! Mellow Down Easy has ingested the roots in subatomic detail. A Simple Model of Popular Music revisited (gravity included). I Have never been so enthralled, since CREAM'S "Disraeli Gears". - Billy Sheppard - BILLYSBUNKER.COM [CINNCINATTI, OH]

"...The Most Original Style I've Heard In The Last Decade."

...The most original style I've heard in the last decade. An electric surge of psychedelic-countrified rock expressions pulsating through the questions of life, love and self-actualization. The greatest accomplishment of MDE is their ability to use their musical influences combined with a completely unique lyrical perspective, and meld them into a truly soulful experience unto themselves. - Wade Philips - OUTLAW MAGAZINE (AUSTIN, TX)


Full Length Albums:
"Brothers of The Left Hand Path" (Chromium Records, UK - 2005)
"Comisutra" (Dualtone Music Group - 2009)

"She's The Only Girl" (2005)
"Can't Bring Me Down" (2005)
"Farah, Farah"(2006)
"Human Nature" (2006)
"I Am The Universe" (2008)
"Pure Gold (2009)



This Nashville, TN trio has toured the US numerous times, sold thousands of copies of their last 2 CDs- gaining them spots on various indie-rock charts as well as international distribution. Their music have been featured on radio stations across the US as well as heavy rotation around the world from Europe, Asia to South America.

The band's music has received acclaim by artists as diverse as the legendary Johnny Cash, alt-country rocker Ryan Adams, George Jones, members of Lynyrd Skynyrd and rapper Young Buck from the popular hip-hop group, 'G-UNIT' to name a few.

In 2006, guitarist/singer Andrew Adkins was voted "Number 3 Best Local Songwriter" by Music City publication, The Nashville Scene, in their "Best of 2006 Readers Poll" issue just underneath Marcus Hummon (Dixie Chicks, Sara Evans) and Nashville favorite Will Hoge.

Bassist/singer Daryl Dasher spends his off-time touring with country-rock artist Ricky Lynn Gregg. Daryl Dasher has also been in the studio with Jeff Keith, front man for the 80's rock group, Tesla ("Signs", "Love Song"), working on the singer's upcoming country music project.

Mellow Down Easy's latest album, "COSMISUTRA" is available on iTunes, and most online retailers.



-Mellow Down Easy are endorsed by PEDALTRAIN Pedal Boards, SIT guitar & bass strings and SPECTRAFLEX Instrument cables.

-Mellow Down Easy have been the top artist on the following sites:

-Mellow Down Easy wrote the song "Dirty Bird" for the indie film, "Darkwoods" as well as produced the track for the Swedish band, The Shudders for the movie's soundtrack.

-The song "Crazy And Wicked" will be featured in the upcoming indie film, "DUDE! The Movie" (due out late 2009/early 2010)