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Mellowdy a.k.a Smile Street is always ready to collaborate works with singers or writing song for them, also seeking for partners for business.

My recent work is the song called "
as Smile Street featuring Mica.

I also got the top of's R'n'B Chart as the first AISAN.


Remind U

Written By: Yuko Suzuki / Noboru Okawara

(yk words /mellowdy other all works)

Remind U

words and sing by yk

I?fm thinking about you how to fill my heart?
When you?fre not here it?fs hard enough for us
(No one else can help me) (only you can do)
It?fs funny but I feel like I got something to live my life for
( I don?ft care) (I don?ft care where you?fre from)

You never know how I feel and how much you mean to me
(oh yeah I?fm in love) (I guess I?fm blind)

I believed there?fs nothing to live for till I met you
Oh you made me greedy after you kissed me for first time

*Even when I?fm with friends in a bar looking for you I?c
Need your hair Need your kiss Need your smell
When I?fm walking in a park miss you like mad I?fm so?c
Into you Need you here Want you here
I?fm here waiting for you?f

I?fm thinking about you I?fm all alone in bed at night
Can I see you in my dream?
(Don?ft ever say good bye) (oh no I won?ft)
It hasn?ft been so long but I feel like I already miss you
(What is it?) ( What?fs tearing us apart?)

The time I can not see you it?fs driving me crazy
(Babe you thinking of me?) (7days a week)

Who could have guessed that I would love someone like this
How many nights do I have to bear to see you again? (Don?ft make me wait)


I can find you even in a crowd
I wanna be your light when it?fs gone out I will be there for you

Will you call out my name? Will you think about me? I?fm waiting for you
I wanna be the one who you only care about

(©mellowdy / yk)


Written By: All works without lyric by mellowdy (noboru okawara) sing and lyric by Freda.

In Italian by Frada (singer).


go bond girl : from gut on line records.

Koi wa A.S.A.P" for Micro-Soft X-box video games called Gotham Racing.