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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Wolf Mastering Productions"

"High Energy Acoustic Songs with Strong and Interesting Lyrics."

- Bill WOLF

"Washington City Paper"

During this long, hot summer, how better to chill than with the cool rhythms and refreshing melodies of MELLOW HEAD BLUE? - Nate Floyd


"Down the River Sideways", the debut full length CD from Mellowheadblue, is currently getting radio air play from Z104.1 in the Washington Metro Area.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Mellowheadblue Short Bio:
Mellowheadblue was formed in August of 2000. Byplaying out frequently in the DC Metro area, they have secured a loyal fan base of over 2,000 people. While spending the better part of 2001 and most of 2002 recording their debut Album "Down the River Sideways", MHB grew its buzz to where there are lines out of the door whenever they play in Arlington VA. They are currently starting to broaden their fan base by touring regionally. Just after two months of being released, "Down the River Sideways" has sold over 750 copies.
Watch out for big things to come from Arlington's own, mellowheadblue.

Mellowheadblue Extended Bio

Giles Kesteloot
G-frog’s Bio:

As the son of a jazz drummer, I may as well have been raised inside a kick drum. All I heard growing up were beats, I ate beats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I used to dance my little white butt off while my father and his group rehearsed in the living room. After successfully recording a total of 9 albums, he hung up his drumsticks for a “real” job that could support a family of four.

Soon thereafter, my brother picked up the sax, and I picked up the guitar. Of course as a young buck I was completely uninterested in anything acoustic, I wanted to rock loud and hard. Fortunately, that mindset left me very quickly.

I noticed that there were a myriad of excellent electric guitarists among my peers, but not many fingers could withstand the constant badgering and resistance of acoustic strings. So naturally, being a typical Aries, I decided to take that route.

In high school, I became enamored with rap music. The rhythms, the attitude, and the style of storytelling intrigued me. So I put down the guitar for a while and started dancing, rapping, and exploring the more rhythmic side of music.

This rap influence was the best thing that happened to me. It helps me to write music today that makes people move, inside and out. As far as my lyrics, fortunately I don’t rely on my rap background as my inspiration, but more so the masters of songwriting such as Paul Simon, Dave Matthews, Sting, Roger Waters, and Brittany Spears. ;-)

I learned to play by ear, and that’s the way I like to write songs. After all, the general audience doesn’t care about pentatonic scales, they just know what they like, and don’t like. So, if you want to know more about me, listen to the songs. They are better at telling the truth than I ever will be.

My father toured Europe as a jazz drummer before finally settling down.

Mike Paolino

As a young child I have memories of playing in another room while my Father’s Chicago cover band jammed in the background. So, needless to say, music was always around me growing up. After fiddling through the violin, piano, and guitar in my early adolescence years, I finally found my calling in the groove. Listening to bands like Pearl Jam, Toad The Wet Sprocket, and Stone Temple Pilots, I developed a passion for creating original music with my friends.

When I met Giles in 1994, I finally met someone that I could compliment with my low notes. We formed Chasing Magic in 1994 and played all over Fredericksburg VA, Northern Virginia, and Baltimore. We released a full length CD, “Have A Listen”, in 1996 and received favorable reviews from the local press. In 1998 Chasing Magic moved from Virginia to San Diego California. After changing a few members and our name to Red Moon Lounge, we played all over the San Diego region. We released another full-length recording, self-titled, “Red Moon Lounge” in 1999. The draw of the east coast proved to be too much for the Red Moon Lounge and we broke up shortly after our release.

In 2000, Giles and I started over with a new project called MellowHeadBlue based out of Washington D.C. Through fate and funny circumstance we have found truly talented and gifted musicians to continue our new journey with. I look forward to sharing the stage with all of them for many years to come.

My influences have changed throughout the years but currently I am listening to and learning from artists such as Victor Wooten, James Jamerson, Sting, and Paul McCartney.

Tim Myers

Born in 1970, I grew up in a very musical household in Bel Air, Maryland. We had a music room in the basement with a full size piano, an electric guitar from Sears (usually only 2 or 3 strings intact, never all 6, and NEVER in tune), a small drum kit, and many Fischer Price noise making devices. After learning the basic guitar chord structures in 8th grade music class (let’s keep the public school music programs funded for the next generation), I attempted to teach myself to play along with my heroes of the day: Betts, Garcia, Gilmore, Page, Harrison, and Vaughn. I formed several bands in highschool and college, minored in music, enjoyed some air play on the local college radio stations, received 4 semesters of private instruction from