Mellow Tiger

Mellow Tiger




Justin B is influenced by the likes of Wilco and Spoon. Manolo M is influenced by the likes of Bogdan Raczynski and idm. Justin GL is influenced by the likes of Sonic Youth, Mr. Bungle, and Fugazi.

Justin B writes pretty songs, and as a trio, the songs often dirty up a bit, change distinctly, and become more aggressive--much like an elegant beast.

Along with the trio there is a fourth entity that shares the stage. A small lamp that Justin B had since childhood made its first public appearance at a CD release party for one of his old bands. But it wasn't until Mellow Tiger's first show, when the stage needed to be lit, that the lamp became a permanent "member," assisting the band with warmth and intimacy ever since.

"There's an organic familiarity with the lamp," says the lead singer. "It's like we're just playing in someone's parents' living room."

Another aspect that sets the band apart is that unlike most tigers, they are mellow and are not tigers at all. They are two white Justins and one Asian Manolo.


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Set List

Last Show:
Look Around
Acoustic Kill
Heading East
How am I Supposed to Die
Particle Soul
Harm and Me
Brighter Than
You've Got a Fool
Was a Doer
Humor String
Everything You Said
Going Places
Gauge the Burning Leaves
You Shine
When You Come to Me
Troubled Seas
In the Springtime
Radio, Radio