Mel M'rabet

Mel M'rabet


World Fusion Music influenced by Folk, Jazz, Blues, Flamenco, Andalusian, East-Indian, R & B, Soul and world beat with Middle-Eastern, Brazilian, African & Funky Rythms. Ranges from Acoustic to Electro Acoustic with a unique sound.


Mel M'Rabet

World Fusion Musician, Composer & Singer
Oud/Guitar/ Saz/ Andalusian Cello/Guembri/Cajon/Darbuka/Tar & Daf

Some call M’rabet’s blend of Mediterranean & occidental sounds world beat, others call it world fusion. Whatever you call it, the passionate connection the musician/composer makes with his audience is what makes its so deeply memorable. M’rabet offers up his music as an unspoken gift, spreading a quiet joy that builds in intensity throughout the performance.

M’rabet was born on the border between Spain and Morocco, in a city called Tetuan. As a child of musicians, he began studying the Guitar & Oud early, exploring the styles of Mediterranean music. The Oud is a fretless stringed instrument that was the predecessor of the lute. He then moved with his family to Granada, southern Spain—a region known as Andalusia—where he spent many years enthusiastically absorbing the local Flamenco, Gypsy, North-African, Middle-Eastern and Jazz traditions. Andalusian music finds its roots in music played by the East Indians, Turks, Kurds, Armenians, and of course Middle-Eastern influences and flamenco.

At the age of 18 M’rabet began performing and touring professionally throughout Spain with his older brother’s band, Al-Tarab. He went on to collaborate with many high calibre musicians in Spain, where he developed his own Oud technique. At this time, the guitar became his alternate instrument of choice. M’rabet is also an amazing singer and accomplished composer who possesses the ability to create impromptu melodies time after time. Add to this his skill on the Saz, Rabab, North-African cello and assorted percussions. M’rabet is at his best on stage, improvising and exchanging riffs with other musicians.

M’rabet later moved to Canada where he continues to pursue his musical career successfully. He has received many grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, F.A.C.T.O.R, City of Ottawa and many other institutions. He is recognized among his peers as the masterful and innovative Oudist & Guitarist as well as an excellent singer song writer with a powerful voice.

His compositions for the film, Khaled, were nominated for a Genie Award. He continues to collaborate with projects around the world, resulting in a mastery of the traditions and powerful techniques that he studies. He has even begun to build ouds, to enhance the sounds and range.

Mel M’rabet composes music for various styles of music, his influences range from Cuban, Jazz, Flamenco, Mediterranean and many other sources.

M’rabet has developed a unique new Oud technique, he calls it the finger nail technique which he hopes it will catch on with the new generation of Oud players in the near future.

M’rabet has performed with well known calibre musicians such as Omar Sosa with whom he toured with in various occasions, Cesaria Evora, Salif Keita, Anouar Brahem, Steve Potts, Cheb Mami, and Lebrijano among others.


Andalusian Legacy, SoloSoul, Alchemist Journey, Parallel Views Part 1 collaboration.

Set List

2 sets of 45 minutes or one 60 minute set. Repertoire choice ranges from new songs not yet released to favorites such as from Genie Award composition " Ab", Father from the movie " Khaled", Paco, Bella Epoca from the acclaimed World Fusion CD " Andalusian Legacy" or Turkomania from SoloSoul, and many more.