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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Band R&B Reggae




"Music with a Purpose"

" Music with a Purpose If music could come to life and talk, see and move like a person, it would BE Tall, dark and strongly built, this man is a living instrument. Give him two words and he'll come up with a catchy tune you can groove to. When he speaks he sounds as if he's sharing a lullaby and the flow of his voice is hypnotizing. He is an extension of his alter ego, "Melodic," which this young Reggae singer uses as his stage name. "I was born this way," he says of his musical career. "Basically this is my purpose." After hearing Melodic's recent hit, "Ride On," - a song about staying strong during harsh times inspired by his own homeless experiences, and seeing others in the same place struggle - it is clear that this artist doesn't just make music that sounds good but creates it with a message that sticks. Kiwibox sat down with this Jamaican born music man and had an inspiring chat about music and its power to change, how making a difference starts from within "
- BIANCA KIWIBOX.COM, Music with a Purpose (Apr 14, 2009) - KIWIBOX.COM

"unforeseen discovery"

" Every once in a while, people find themselves in an unanticipated place at an unexpected time. And on some of these rare occasions, this break in routine can lead to an unforeseen discovery. Such was the case with Melodic."
- This week's D.O.W.N. is by Marie the HAWC , THE BLANKET REVIEWER (Jan 07, 2011) - THE BLANKET REVIEWER (Jan 07, 2011)

"Melodic Yoza for a key placement in the feature film "On The Ice", 2011 Sundance Film Festival""

"All Ears Music All Ears Music teams up with reggae/soul sensation Melodic Yoza for a key placement in the feature film "On The Ice", 2011 Sundance Film Festival"
- TOBY ALL EARS, All Ears Music - All Ears Music


New Album RIDE ON NATTY coming this summer 2011


Albums: Original Reggae and Raps, 2007

Singles: Higher 2000, Christine 2000, Learn a Few 2007

Soundtracks: Hip Hop Uncensored 2004, Upliftment Jamaica 2005, 50 Mics 2007

Features: Clark Gayton 'Walk the Waters'

Vinyl EP 2000



Jamaican born Reggae Soul Hop artist Melodic is an undeniable vocalist in times saturated with copycats and clones. He has shared the stage with Tupac, Buju Banton, Mos Def, Dead Prez, Mr.Vegas and more. His original music has been heard in off-Broadway plays, in television shows such as High School Reunion and Once Upon a Rhyme and all over the radio in the New York tri-state area as well as in Miami and in , Canada. He performs regularly in New York City./ canada