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"Newspaper review - 1/4/2005"

An interview with Yaron Cohen - Melodic heal's solo musician, talking about his music goals, musical influences, etc.

The newspaper is Modiin's city local newspaper (state of Israel). - Modiin's time

"Radio interview - 16/9/1998"

An interview with Yaron Cohen and Asaf Dvorkin - the establishers of "Bizarro band".

The two members are talking about their cooperation in writing music and talk about "Karin's image" band's single which was released to the Israeli radio stations at that time. - 101 fm Jerusalem local radio


Singles that were released to israeli radio stations:
1. "Karin's image" (Bizarro)
2. "Fragments of love" (Bizarro)
3. "My child" (Bizarro)
4. "The secret of happiness" (Bizarro)
5. " In Hanta's car" (Bizarro)
6. "Ophoria" - instrumental (Melodic heal)

All of these singles were broadcasted in the Israeli radio stations!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Ten years ago I recovered from Melanoma cancer. This event was very traumatic for me and it took me some time to overcome this trauma.
During my illness I discovered the power of heal which exists in the melody. I discovered that music I wrote helped a lot with my curing process.

Few years ago, to my belief, I've got a message from a high source telling me to compose the texts of the ancient jewish "Zohar book". The language in this book is aramaic, and it is believed that it contains healing energy!
I started to record this album around 3 years ago and finished the recordings lately.

I have a strong belief that my destination is to cure with my music!

My name is Yaron. I'm a 38 years old Israeli musician. I studied piano since I was 7 years old and started to write my own music about 15 years ago. For several years I had a band named "Bizarro". We wrote our original songs, where few of them were played on different Israeli radio stations. We were also invited to perform at "Arad festival" ( the most known annual musical festival in Israel). During the past 5 years I'm working on my own, writing the music and taking care of all the sound, editing and mixing process.

A little background :
In 1986 I graduated my 11 years of music studies (classic piano stream) in jerusalem conservatoire named after "Roobin". That same year I also graduated high school (languages stream).
In 1992 I graduated my B.A degree in the "Hebrew university of Jerusalem" (sociology & international relations stream). 5 years later I graduated my M.A degree in the same university (criminology stream).

My musical skeels : 1. Composer

2. Pianist

3. Music producer

4. Singer

Musical background :
In 1998 I established my band named "Bizarro". The band's core included me (composer & singer) and my friend (lyrics & singer). the band included 3 more players (drums, bass, guitar).

We recorded our first band album named "Karin's image". Few of the album's songs which were released as singles, were broadcasted in the israeli radio stations.

In 1999 we were invited to perform at "Arad festival" - the most known annual musical festival in Israel.

In the year of 2002 I recorded my instrumental album named "Ophoria". One of the numbers from that album had been released as a single and it was broadcasted in different Israeli radio stations.

During the years 2003-2005, I performed with my music's album. in my shows I discovered that the audience was fascinated with the music I played. Many people praised my playing after the shows.

In 2005 I wrote the music to the children's show "The mouse and the apple".

In 2006 I finished recording my aramaic album named "Mistra demaya". The album contains 6 tracks that use the aramaic language taken from the ancient "Zohar book".
As I mentioned earlier, this language contains healing energy, and that is why "Mistra demaya" is aimed for cure!

This is my vision, and I intend to carry it out in my lifetime!