Melodie Stone

Melodie Stone


Honest Folk Music with simple melodies and complex lyrics.


The only thing that has ever mattered to Melodie is music. In 2007, original music would no longer stay in her head. She had to sing it. Eve and Jason, having been in many bands and having many more musical instruments, computers and recording equipment than herself, Melodie records in their basement.


I Know You

Written By: Melodie Stone

Now that I know you
My heart, it aches for you
My mind, it misses you

My body pines for you
I want to learn from you
And to feel our aura coming through

To feel unimpeded, un-judged
To feel un-jaded, ungloved
I know my mind is good

We’re human though as well as well
Not so shiny as we should be
But to nurture, as you have said, is key

Calmed in knowing your wise mind
And wiser for having known your calm
That makes it easy to get along