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original! unique! the most talened female hip hop artist! when you hear her music, your going to wanna keep listening! lyrical genious! music delivers a message with a melodical flow that will captivate an audience!


Raised in Broward County, Florida and born in Queens, New York, this female rapper is an outgoing individual that takes music very seriously. She's been writing ever since the age of ten. Being a female emcee, Melodik already has that lack of
respect, so that makes her grind even harder. When asked, "how do you come up with your
lyrics?", Melodik says, "Just life in general. I write from the heart. Just life experiences." Being a dancer as well, has made Melodik an amazing performer. She has performed many places all over Florida and New York and can put on a show that will WOW an audience. So make sure to look out for when Melodik comes to perform in your area. DONT SLEEP ON MELODIK RHYMEZ!!!

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Lyrical Melody LP
...So Melodik LP
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very versatile! can do whatever kind of set a show calls for. can perform from 5 minutes to 45 minutes