Leesburg, Virginia, USA

Energetic pianos play an integral role in their alt rock sound, suitable for festivals, music venues, radio, or hanging out on the front porch. Not only is their music creative, the band also operates a foundation to provide music instruments and education to those less fortunate.


Most up and coming bands have dreams of fame and fortune, scoring No. 1 hits and platinum records, and becoming a household name. And, there's nothing wrong with that. But, MELODIME, a Virginia rock band that blends haunting bittersweet melodies with emotionally rich vocals atop a bed of Southern-flavored alt rock, is not like most bands. The mission of Bradley Rhodes (vocals, guitar) and brothers Sammy Duis (piano, bass) and Tyler Duis (drums) goes beyond the above.

Instead, MELODIME has something bigger in mind. Rhodes explains, "There are so many bands trying to do the same thing. Getting fans to pay money to see shows and buy the CD so they can get bigger and bigger. But we want to do something with our lives beyond the music to show people that you don't have to be famous to make an impact in this world."

The project that's going to help MELODIME accomplish that goal is their new album, "Where the Sinners & the Saints Collide," which was funded by their loyal and ever-growing fan base during a 30-day campaign titled, "Make an Album, Change a Life." With the album fully funded, the band is donating 100% of the profits from album sales to a non-profit foundation they started called Now I Play Along Too, which provides musical instruments and education to underprivileged kids locally and around the world.

Like their music and lyrics, the idea for Now I Play Along Too is truly inspired. "Sammy and Tylers great-grandfather grew up in a poor family with four brothers, with little money for food, let alone anything extra for entertainment. Then one day, an anonymous person came to door and left five instruments on the front porch. Each of the brothers picked an instrument and learned how to play, eventually improving to make quite a name for themselves as town musicians and were able to provide for their family," explains Rhodes.

Now, the legacy is carried on through the band, whose name is a made-up word mashing "melody" with "time" to signify memories in the form of sound, which is quite fitting for the band often described as "modern, yet nostalgic." They are continuing that story and putting instruments into the hands of people who would've never been able to afford them. The band is living the idea of looking outside yourself described best in, "Where the Sinners & the Saints Collide," their thematic record about coming together, regardless of our differences, to do some good. "The album carries strong themes of redemption and has songs about picking yourself up from your boot straps, using those past mistakes and failures to make yourself a better person to help people who may be 'lost and broken' so to speak. Although we may strive to be saints, we all fall short and are collectively sinners. The 'collide' part comes from the point at which we all come together for a common purpose," says Rhodes, who adds that the theme picks up where the 2011 album "3 Reasons For Fighting" left off.

"Where the Sinners & the Saints Collide," recorded at Black Dog Sound Recording Studios outside in Atlanta, GA with producer Rick Beato (Shinedown, NEEDTOBREATHE, Charlie Mars), opens with the emotional rocker "Halo," which Rhodes describes as carrying the thesis of the album as it tells the story of someone that no one would give a second chance to, yet they are capable of doing so much good if they can just get to that next phase of their life. The inspired lyrics, partly influenced by the demise of Sam Duis' marriage, pack a powerful emotional punch as Rhodes soulfully sings, "I'm building kingdoms now from this abandoned town" - a metaphor for rising up after personal adversity.

"'Halo' is one of the songs we wrote together on a four-day camping trip in the woods in northern Pennsylvania," recalls Rhodes, who had 50 songs written for the record before whittling it down to 12. "It was such an inspirational place. This is where we figured out the theme of the album. Once we had a handle on that, the rest naturally fell into place. We also came together as a band and found ourselves collaborating on this effort more than ever before. I'm used to writing about my life and my experiences, but this time we wrote from everyone's perspective. I think it gives this record more emotional depth."

The theme runs smoothly through the album on other key songs such as "Two Strikes," which is about judgmental people and carries the album's title in the lyrics, "I walk the line with my feet on both sides; I find the blind where the sinners and the saints collide." Rhodes explains, "Instead of drawing the line or getting hung up on the things that separate us, it's about accepting each others differences." Similarly on "Little People," a grittier rocker that chugs along with the intensity of a man singing with relentless


Our Time

Written By: MELODIME

It's kinda like a bad dream
that's tugging at my heartstrings
but I kinda like the fighting
'cause its somehow apart of me
I grow tired of the waiting
for the never coming upswing
but my reasons never leave me
'cause there's a light here in front of me

(I will stand my ground)
We got one shot, baby
('cause I know our time is now)
to shed ourselves some light

On and on and on and on the world goes
if we don't try it'll pass us by, taking all that we know
On and on and on and on my heart goes
and I won't fall without a fight
'cause this is our time

So turn your head away
write me off, it's okay
I ain't lookin' for praise
in fact, I like it this way
So you can watch me from a distance
and pretend you know my secrets
but you don't know about resistance
until you're fighting the doubt away

I put my foot down on the hard ground
and baby, I'm not moving
I can face fear, we belong here

We got one shot, baby
to shed ourselves some light

On and on and on and on the world goes
if we don't try, it'll pass us by taking all that we know
On and on and on and on my heart goes
and I will stand my ground
'cause I know right now is our time

Paper Wings

Written By: MELODIME

Bright eyes, you can't see beyond the stage lights
illuminating what is outside
but you don't know me at all
You call me untamed
If I'm a rockstar where's the cocaine?
Wheres the grammies and the fake name?
You've set me up to fall

You see me standing tall
but you never see me fall
behind the curtain of it all
all I have's the songs I sing
I'm barely flying with paper wings

So baby, what's this pedestal you've made me?
I can't stand up there, don't make me
I'm not fit to grace your stage

...with paper wings that fly from the bright stage
as the naive audience applauds
but as the encore ends and the lights fade
I'm barley holding on
and I don't have a chance here at all

You see me standing tall
but you never see me fall, yeah
behind the curtain of it all
all I have's the songs I sing
and my wilted, beaten, tired paper wings

Country Singer

Written By: MELODIME

Who's got the heart, who's got the heart of a country singer?
I got the heart, I got the heart alright

Lend an ear for old times sake
it's okay to medicate the broken
Amazing how the give and take
comes to play upon the stage, I'm chokin'
but you're my breath tonight

It seems as if my worldly skin
is miles away from the heart within on somedays
It screams to break my skeleton
and finally breathe some oxygen
It's always last to speak

It's a hard life skipping stones
and it's a hard life here alone
but the moonlight serves as home
wherever it may be
that is home to me

No song of mine will come to life
until it pierces ears outside the maker
In each of you I will confide
my every word, my every line
You're strangers, but I don't mind

Pain can be a prison cell
and I sing for my sanity
I don't think a private hell
is where my soul is meant to be, oh no

Who's got the heart, who's got the heart of a country singer?
I got the heart, I got the heart alright
Who's got the heart, who's got the heart of a country singer?
We got the heart, we've got the heart tonight


Written By: MELODIME

Here's lookin' at you, girl
I got my hand in my pocket
the whole world seems to stop when I'm talkin'
My fingers, they sweep down your white powdered cheek
to your chin, but that ain't the end

No, you grin like the sound of the sunshine
and cloud ten rises up to the night sky
and behind the trees violins start to sing us a song
'till the credits come on

Hello, reality...

1, 2 the awkward “hi, how are you?”
tippy-toe over to the 3, 4
I miss the cue to open your door
Then ending with the 5, 6
the misread goodbye kiss
when she really wasn't feelin' it
Pull back the slate again
re-shoot my stutterin'
I don't mind stumblin' in Hollywood

Now for the sequel
Happily married, we're harmonious people
and we're strictly monogamous
but there's that fling that she had just last spring
with the teacher
that's on the bonus features

Take 2...

Following the love scene
oopsie daisy, now we got a real baby
so we name him something crazy
Dressed in Louis Vuitton but we raised him all wrong
as we pass the baton to him

and walk him through the...


Written By: MELODIME

Somebody saved me
I was a fool for far too long
But I learned lately
To live the good life before it’s gone
I’ll mix some right with a bit of wrong

I broke down baby
I hit the ground so many times
Till I was carried
Relearned to walk but now I fly
I dig the music but need the rhyme

‘Cause I know the perfect life cannot be found
And I’m so thankful that I found that now
‘Cause I’ll go smiling in battle and singin’ loud

I went the wrong way
But somebody stopped me in my tracks
Explained the replay
I can journey on and journey back
Mistaking mystery for fact

I’ve played the same game
So many times but never learned
To play the right way
Instead I’m reckless with no concern
Play with the fire, expect the burn


Written By: MELODIME

Well, I bought a ticket on a train bound west;

With an ice cold sweat and a bulletproof vest;

I'm shaking now, I confess;

Who would put to the test a well-groomed mess like me?

And I have a tendency of running from things;

A strung out junkie that the preacher couldn't reach;

But you never thought to give up on me.

I lift my head just like you said;

I dust off my halo;

I feel the beat beneath my feet;

and I hear the echo...

Oh I speak to those with the unclean hands;

The radiant souls that the world has damned;

The untold story of the misjudged man;

Says it ain't too late to live the next day's plan.

I lift my head just like you said;

I dust off my halo;

I feel the beat beneath my feet;

and I hear the echo...

A broken spell, a conquered hell;

I'm building kingdoms now from this abandoned town;

A severed will, restored and filled;

With help from the angels I can fly now...

I start again;

I lift my head, just like you said;

I dust off my halo;

I feel the beat beneath my feet;

and I hear the echo...


Written By: MELODIME

I blew my second chance
The fourth and fifth weren't pretty
And I put on a mask of shame and pity
But now I stand again, a child of evolution
Don't care just what you said, I'm not losing

I'm a mad, mad man, I'm a crazy dreamer
I'm a mad, mad man, I'm a reckless mind
I'm a mad, mad man, when the odds don't favor
I'm a mad, mad man, I won't stop this time, yeah

I strap my boots on tight
I say a prayer for courage
I can't create the change if I get nervous
I learned a thing or two
Back then when I was broken
I always found myself hopelessly hoping


Written By: MELODIME

Southern boy in a city shell
Raised here against my will
Bring the walls down, bring the walls down
Grew up singing momma's hymns
Wide eyed and innocent
Bring the walls down now

'Cause I don't like the rules no more
'Cause I learned what I'm striving for

So turn it up loud now
It's about shaking up this town
Break a few rules, let your hair down
Come on, let's shake it up right
Put your hands in the air now
Sing it out loud, make the band proud
Nothin' but love in the big crowd
Let it all out tonight
Where the outlaws ride

I know where I come from
And I'm proud of the roots i've grown
But a boy must learn to dream
A couple diamonds in the rough
Fine wine in a paper cup
But it's what you choose to see

Let the dead bury the dead
And chase the light that shines ahead

I am a bull in this red linen world
And my horns are as sharp
As a double-edged sword
And I used to cry all alone in my room
But now I've come alive
With the lies I consumed

Two Strikes

Written By: MELODIME

Well they got two strikes on me
They look me dead in the eyes
But the fire don't make me blink
When they gonna realize
That my ship won't sink
In the poison they drink?
I only got one light on me
I've been broke and then shined up
Like a pawnshop ring
I only got my songs to sing
But they ain't mine to keep

Tell me tales with happy endings
I ain't broke, but I am bending

Teach me how to walk, but never to run
God forbid I don't stand still like everyone
Teach me how to love with a hand-held loaded gun
But the mark of the devil ain't the mark that's on my head
I'm chewing leather 'til my calloused heart is fed

Two strikes on me
But if it's right down the middle then
You know I'm gonna swing
You see, this life is a funny thing
But I can't laugh myself to sleep

I walk the line with my feet on both sides
I find the blind where the sinners and the saints collide
Oh, I'm out of my mind
Breaking all the rules for the hundredth time
Untamed, insane, but we're all the same