Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip HopSoul

Soulful Hip-Hop Music


Melodiq has been bringing flavourful Hip-Hop since 1994. Fusing Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz has been at the forefront of Melodiq's music, with influences from A Tribe Called Quest and Gangstarr paving the way for Melodiq to bring his style to the Hip-Hop community. Melodiq's work rate is outstanding and over the years has built up a solid, soulful and consistent repertoire of material collaborating with producers, musicians and emcees worldwide. As long as there is Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz in existence there will be Melodiq standing firm.


"This Is The Time" EP - Pat D.
"Front To Back" 12inch - MeloManiac
"It Feels So Good" - Blax Roses
"Place 54" LP - Hocus Pocus (vocal scratches)
"NY State Of Mind [rmx] 12inch - Drum Brothers
"Take A Little Time" LP - Pat D.
"This Is It" - Blax Roses
"Jazz Is" EP - FakeHUnters
"Blue Soul" LP - FakeHunters
"It's All In Your Mind" 12inch - Drum Brothers
"Groove To This" - OrJazzm CD - Rize and Kronos Presents
"Straight From The Soul" - Melodiq
"Live and Uncut" - Soul Square

Set List

Any of my songs that inspire me at the time.