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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States | INDIE

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States | INDIE
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"Melodramus = Porcupine Tree + Dream Theater + Incubus + Depeche Mode"

In the realm of modern prog metal/rock, Melodramus have crafted one epic and diverse aural buffet of sounds on their second full-length album, Two: Glass Apple. It’s truly a record that not only rivals plenty of prog bands in the current world scene, but also puts a good hunk of them to shame. Two has a way of creatively juxtaposing their vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards to not only play off each other’s massive technical and flat out awesome songwriting, but also to meld the songs into cohesive pieces of music that imprints firmly in your memory. The caliber of musicianship and vocal prowess displayed on this record is dumbfounding and it is pride inspiring to know that they’re a homegrown act. Finding the right audience for progressive metal/rock is a hard task, especially for a band like Melodramus that melds multiple styles, but I implore the band to embrace the DIY and get this out to the world however they can. If not this album, the next can surely lead to a nice record deal or tour. There is absolutely nothing that sounds like this in Utah. If you dig modern progressive rock/metal, seek this one out.
–Bryer Wharton

- SLUG Magazine

"Melodramus - Two: Glass Apple. Rated 4/4"

Melodramus is one of the best bands we’ve heard in recent years. A combination of
great singing and amazing musicianship, there is no reason this band shouldn’t be all
over the radio and piling up multi-platinum sales.

While I love Melodramus’ sound and could write a review on every single song, I only
have limited space and will try to focus on my favorite two songs for this review. But I
encourage you to go listen to the full project.

The title track, “Glass Apple”, is by far one of the most polished and well produced
songs I’ve ever heard in the rock genre. What makes this song so great is the fact that
each member of the band completely outdid themselves. The lead singer’s voice is just
amazing, the drummer is one of the best in the business, and the guitar and bass are
unmatched by any other independent band I’ve heard. Collectively, Melodramus
created a tune that is Grammy worthy.

Another incredible song is “Searching”. This selection brings out the bands musical
ability, ripe with great guitar riffs, drumming, and classic vocal harmonies. Searching
evokes a lot of emotion and takes me back to the 1980s when bands weren’t afraid to
experiment with their sound.

Rated: 4/4
Review by: Senseitional

- I Am Entertainment Magazine


30 Silver Pieces (2007)
Two: Glass Apple (2010)
New single/music video with Trevor Alder's new sound coming soon.



This three-piece Salt Lake City band comprised of former and current School of Rock instructors has come a long way since their formation in 2006. The original lineup of Melodramus released their first album “30 Silver Pieces” in 2007, bringing to the world a unique essence with tons of variety that could only be described as Melodramus. After their second release in 2010, original bassist Mikey Collard and keyboardist Ted Newsom aka The Rose Phantom departed the band under friendly terms. Lead vocalist and guitarist Zakkary Hale and drummer Andrew Hopkins both agreed that fellow School of Rock instructor Trevor Alder was the logical choice when it came to replacing the bass player and that the band’s sound is powerful enough as a three-piece that they do not need a new keyboardist.
Within the last year Melodramus has finally started to get some of the recognition they deserve, with Sumthing Else Music Works adding one of the band’s songs to “Speed Racer: The Soundtrack” and playing large shows as the headlining act at Studio 600 and the Avalon in Salt Lake City. The band has been receiving some great professional reviews for their latest album “Two: Glass Apple,” including one that calls them “Grammy worthy” and have released two music videos from the same album. Currently the band is giving away their first album “30 Silver Pieces” as a free digital download and is working on booking several mini-tours around the United States which will fund their European tour planned for next year.