New York City, New York, USA

Melodrome holds appeal for fans of modern rock (Jet, The Strokes, U2) while simultaneously paying respect to 60's & 70's-era "blues rock" and soul icons like The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Cream and T-Rex.


Short Blurb:
Melodrome is an award winning indie Pop/Rock Trio from Western Massachusetts who's music you have most likely heard before: in Coors and Miller Beer Commercials, the soundtrack for the Oscar nominated Film "Ferry Tales" or as part of various other TV show and Film soundtracks. Robby Baier and Jesko Stahl (ex-BMG recording artists) have been rocking it hard since their early days in Berlin, Germany and have now put together a new Rock album. Live and on CD they thump and grind like the Stones and kick it like Jet and AC/DC. Meet the new tradition of Rock 'n Roll.

Long Bio:

Formed in Autumn of 2000,  Melodrome is comprised of singer/guitarist Robby Baier, bassist Jesko Stahl, and drummers Justin Guip (studio) and Kali Baba (live).

Basically, Melodrome rocks.
Everything else about them is just icing.

Yeah, there are the Independent Music and Songwriting Awards, the track placements in the 2004 Academy Award nominated documentary "Ferry Tales" by Katja Esson (4 songs plus original score), the national TV beer ad's, the airplay on college and independent radio stations across North America.  Oh, and the deal with BMG Europe in the 90's of Baier's and Stahl's previous project "Pearls at Swine".

So granted, the icing is a bit thick.

But deep within their hot, gooey center this band is all about plugging in, turning up and making sure that everyone in the house is having a great time. Perhaps now more then ever: Melodrome has written a new batch of songs that take them (and their listeners) all the way back to their sweaty roots in a Berlin basement.  That's where Baier and Stahl met years ago and that's where their blues based, hard hitting riffs first made their way through the grates up to the Kreuzberger streets, breaking hearts and kicking it. 

Now, miles away from there, and with the help of fellow brother in arms Justin Guip (700 Miles, RCA) and live drummer Kali Baba (Arlo Guthrie, Xavier, Lord Hill) Melodrome has recorded their fourth release "So Sticky" (working title).  The new tracks are hard hitting rock anthems, stripped down to their bare assets: Driving beats, catchy riffs and soulful vocals.

Mostly, the new tracks are a blast to listen to and don't ask much of the casual listener other than to grin and do like an AC/DC Fan and bang your head.  If one decides to slip on some headphones and dig deeper, Baier's words will take you up or down a flight to subtler levels of meaning and interpretation.  But wait... this is starting to sound like Melodrome cares much about stimulating your cerebral cortex with this release.  No...  If these tracks make your "soul rage" or your "heart race" (from their track "Rock With Me") then their job is done.  If you're into crying about how and why your lover left,  then ask them to play songs from one of their other records (Happens While You Blink, The Sidewalk Ends, Play America).

Recent Live Appearances:

Albany, Live at 5: opening for STYX
Lenox Pow Wow: opening for Jefferson Starship
Monterey, CA: Monterey Music Festival, with Spearhead, Cake, The Fugees, BRMC...
Pittsfield, Bousquet, Summer Party with Tony Lee Thomas, Domino Theory...
Lenox, MA, Peace Festival at Aspenwell.


Sex Cash and Fuel (The Sidewalk Ends)

Written By: Robby Baier

We’ve got what it takes to keep it up we’ve got special medication
three shots third world they’re all fucked they got half the information
We're all right we've got sex ,cash and fuel
America’s cool

TV is the alchemy, magically we tune into sedation
feel “free” to choose, never see, never break the chains of exploitation
We're all right we've got sex, cash and fuel
and an inground pool

all systems down
solution found
fall to your knees and touch the ground

the morning has come
for the first time
we circle the sun
in our perfect way

we are living as one
as a life line
we move to the drums
of our human roots
all systems down

Come back to the heart attack cracker jack nine to five confusion
How “me” can I come to be, an apogee who lives in the illusion
that we’re all right we’ve got sex cash and fuel
the american cool

all systems down
solution found
fall to your knees and touch the ground

the morning has come
for the first time
we circle the sun
in our perfect way

we are living as one
as a life line
we move to the drums
of our human roots
(all systems down)


"Into The Flood" (to be released fall 2009 Soultube Records)

"Happens While You Blink" (© 2005 Soultube Records)
This shows Melodrome rocking just as deep, but harder. Features "Love Keeps Me Alive", "Jagged Love" and "All The Same".

"Play America" (© 2003 Soultube Records)
Self-released, six-song EP on enhanced CD featuring new music, high-resolution MP3's, lyrics in PDF format, and a Quicktime™ video of the single, "Sex, Cash, & Fuel".

"The Sidewalk Ends" (© 2002 Soultube Records)
Melodrome's self-released debut, featuring the singles "Genepool", "Sex, Cash, & Fuel", "Love Replaces Love", and many others...

Set List

Set lists may vary, depending on venue & audience. Melodrome can play one (1) 45 minute set, two (2) 45 minute sets and/or up to three (3) hours of original rocking music depending on payment agreement.

So Sticky:
Rock With Me
Like A Stone
So Sticky
Oh Yeah
Lie To Myself
I Want You Gone
Time On My Hands
Cold Blooded
With My Friends
Play My Rock'n Roll

Happens While You Blink:
Love Keeps Me Alive
Jagged Love
Crying Is Done
What More
The Making Of
North Dakota
Love Happens
All The Same
High Noon Breakdown

Play America:
Buddha Pizza Jesus
Cog In The Machine
Water Like Love
Play America
America Is Dreaming

The Sidewalk Ends:
Sex, Cash and Fuel
Highest Ground
Two Into One
Not To Love You
Love Replaces Love
Just Like That
The Sidewalk Ends