Melody Angel

Melody Angel


A mix of alternative rock and soul with a pop feel. Because who wants to be put in a box anyway? NOT THIS GIRL!!!


hometown: South-side of Chicago
Average draw: 100-150

This singer/songwriter Melody Angel is becoming a full-fledged phenomenon, slowly rising to stardom and doing it on her own terms. Melody has built a passionate fan base, from adoring teenagers to discerning boomers who’ve finally encountered a young artist who lives up to their decades-old memories. She has the ability to make you smile and cry in the same song. The lack, until recently of media attention and next-big-thing status have actually been a benefit to this aspiring artist, allowing her to fly under the radar and enabling people to discover her in an organic way, thus forming a bond between performer and fan that is extremely rare.

As a self taught guitar player Melody began at a very young age amalgamating the key elements of her influences—notably, Sam Cooke, Tracy Chapman, Prince, B.B. King, George Benson, Carlos Santana, Sade and her late great cousin Muddy Waters—into a wide open approach that somehow meshed fluent guitar playing, fat grooves, conversational narratives, heady improvisation, and emphatic hooks into a remarkably expressive whole.



written,arranged,performed,and produced by Melody Angel

Set List

Set List Includes Originals and Covers.
We can do one 45minute set or a 3 hour set.