Melody Angel

Melody Angel

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Melody Angel - singer/songwriter, lead guitarist, and a lover of music.


Born and raised on the south side of Chicago.  Melody Angel began playing guitar at the age of thirteen. Even though her mother was barely getting by raising two children alone, she found away to introduce Melody to her first Fender Stratocaster by buying the guitar out of a window of a pawnshop.

 Angel is a self-taught guitar player, vocalist, and songwriter who has been inspired by an array of artist such as, Michael Jackson, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Big Mama Thornton, Buddy Guy, Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses and Nirvana and the list doesn’t stop there.

 For her whole career she's been bombarded with people telling her that, “a black girl/rock star”, just won't work. However, in 2009 she caught her big break and had a chance to silence her critics.  She became a finalist on the MTV reality show, P Diddy's Starmaker.   Angel’s music demonstrates a new genre of music.  Her musical style features virtually every medium of music from hip-hop to country. 

 With her new self-titled EP “Melody Angel”, Melody will definitely shape the perception of people and prove that black girls can rock. 


 Rodney Jerkins: “You just created a new genre of music, Punk Soul.”

P Diddy: “You were born to do this.”

Lady GaGa: “You’ve got that fire in your eye’s every star needs.”

Kelly Rowland: “You are a star”.

Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy): “If Bad Boy doesn’t pick you, give me a call.” 



Written By: Melody Angel

you'd go to war for a woman
you'd die for a woman
you'd beg for a woman
yes you'd lie for a woman
you'd cheat and steal for a woman
you'd crawl for that woman
you'd starve for a woman
and yes you'd kill for a woman

Cause aint nothing worth mo better, aint nothing worth forever
than the love of a woman, like me

you'd sacrifice for a women
you'd hunt for a woman
you'd get religion for a woman
sell yo soul for woman
give up the gold for a woman
yes you'd nil to a woman
with a ring for that woman
yes you'd be a fool for that woman

Cause aint nothing worth mo better, aint nothing worth forever
than the love of a woman, like me


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