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Melody Faith @ Othello

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Melody Faith @ Othello

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Melody Faith @ Othello

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



" She just dropped her bookbag, sat down at the piano and started playing and singing. Soon she had a crowd of men in tuxedos standing around her--dazzled--and about ready to propose," said an elderly woman attending the Council of National Policy in Washington, D.C. this year. When the twenty-year old daughter of conservative author William J. Federer, Melody Faith, walked into the 2008 Council of National Policy held in D.C., senators dropped their forks onto their steak laden plates. " I wanted to surprise my dad, even though if he knew who I voted for he'd kill me. But D.C.'s only a bus away from NY, and I've missed him. Been away from home a hell of a long time."
A knock-out strawberry blonde who lights up the room with her smile and capitvates an audience with a voice Mr. T. Beahr says " is touched by the divine", she definitely stuck out like a sore thumb in this crowd. Even more impressive was the fact that her songs were self-written and she is, apparently, self-taught on the piano and guitar. "We have high hopes for this young artist even if she did vote for...the other guy," says an attendee who prefers to remain anonymous. Fresh, pure, spunky, and deep; the voice of Melody Faith. - Amerisearch

"I'm your host Karen Page and with me is Melody Faith Federer who was nominated for Best Actress in her role as Jodie in Gate 48 B. Jodie with the guitar..." - Riant Theatre Group

"Melody, 18, a senior, sings and has leads in many highschool plays and just completed a service project in Thailand teaching English and guitar to..." -

Desired Melody
The music playing embodies your smile.
Its soft introduction infused with velvety style
sends my thoughts twirling around your glances
and my fruitless efforts to avoid your advances.
The melody's course is slightly sporadic,
but my mind clings to it with the grasp of an addict.
The thump of my heart is rapidly speeding
as the music's beat is idly receding. . . .
I hear only the lullaby of your sweet voice
and would play it all day, if given the choice.
For a moment, we harmonize with impeccable blend.
The climax approaches. The song nears its end.
Now as you depart, a tragic melody croons.
My hand reaches out, and my foolish heart swoons
to simply hear your precious melody play
from the moment I rise to the sunset of day.
Faith Federer

Daughter Melody, 20, when a child, would often stand on a chair to sing “The Star Spangled Banner� for his campaign for Congress. Melody credits her dad for pushing her to get out in front of people and giving her a desire to sing and act. She studies acting in New York.

Roger Federer - News Detail
He is nowhere near the great player Roger Federer. Nowhere near. ... Don't lose faith in your abilities, Roger! You can still do it! ... - 47k -


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On My Way
Sleepin' in the Daytime
No Apathy
Chocolate and a Kiss
Hands Up
To Be Going Under
For Granted



20-year old ginger-gypsy now living in New York City singing and songwriting with and for the bands Super Bombastik, Ethnotronik, HaitemNYC. Also, Co-creator of the GingerProject.