Melody Mann

Melody Mann


"A blend of blues, rock & jazz, with a little Texas twang" .......... Redneck Recommended - Hippie Approved!


Kelly Williams-Mann has been writing and performing a blend of blues, rock and jazz with a little Texas twang, for the last 11 years. But Kelly was somewhat of a late bloomer. After entertaining audiences in theater, recitals and other events as a very small child, Kelly took a long hiatus and pursued a career in corporate wellness that took her from Texas, to Pennsylvania, to Connecticut and finally to Atlanta, GA. Although she loved her career at the time, there was always something missing.

Thomas Mann first sat down at the piano in Buffalo NY at the age of 3, with his great Aunt Sophie (who was a piano teacher) by his side. Thom immediately fell in love with the piano, and thus began his life long connection to music and composition. As a teenager, he also took up guitar, was an All-State tuba player and played bass in his award-winning high school jazz band. After graduating from high school and attending college, Thom hitchhiked across the country with his guitar in tow (the piano was a little too heavy to carry) and ended up in Cape Cod, Florida and eventually Atlanta. In Atlanta, Thom began teaching piano and guitar lessons for The European School of Music while he played in several bands. One of those bands was Sock, a jazz-punk band for which Thom was the principal songwriter.

In 1994, Kelly began taking guitar lessons while in Atlanta, and found her voice once again. And for the first time, Kelly began writing her own music. In 1995, with twin brothers Doug and Don Pharris, she formed The Kelly Williams Band, a rockin’ southern, blues band featuring Kelly’s original music. When the band went into the studio in August of 1995, Don introduced Kelly to his daughter’s guitar teacher, Thomas Mann. Kelly invited Thom to play piano on several of the songs on the CD, and Thom later joined The Kelly Williams Band.

Kelly eventually quit her job in the corporate world and began focusing on music while The Kelly Williams Band began touring extensively throughout the Southeast, Southwest and Midwest. They shared the stage with acts such as Storyville, Chris Duarte, Delbert McClinton and Robert Earl Keen, and played in notable clubs such as The Grand Emporium in Kansas City, Antone’s in Austin, The Zoo Bar in Lincoln, NE and The Cotton Club and Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta. They received numerous accolades from music writers and appeared on numerous local TV shows and radio shows. The Kelly Williams Band headlined on one of the stages at the annual Spirit Fest in Kansas City and was one of 8 bands asked to participate in the Virginia Slims Female Vocalist competition in Atlanta. But, with all the success in Atlanta, Kelly longed to get back to her roots in Texas.

As fate would have it, Kelly fell in love with the piano player and today she and Thomas are married and are making beautiful music together. In 2002, the couple moved back to Texas. Today, they perform together as Melody Mann, bringing together Kelly’s upbringing on Texas gospel and roadhouse music and Thom’s East Coast jazz and classical roots. Yes, Thomas is a Yankee, but he calls himself a ‘naturalized Texan’ since he married one……and he drives a truck and owns a cowboy hat! What more could a Texas girl want?


Inza's Lonesome Coyote Saloon

Written By: K. Williams-Mann/Th. Mann

In the day it sparkled by the sea
But the night was wild as it could be
In that sleepy little South Texas town
Cause there was a honky-tonk shack
Just beyond the railroad tracks
And people came to party from miles around

Well you couldn’t say it had atmosphere
With the smell of smoke and old stale beer
But the patrons didn’t really seem to mind
There were bikers, surfers, rednecks more
Mamas with kids and dogs on the floor
You know you’d see just about every kind

And every night there was someone on the bill
Like Stevie Ray or Asleep at the Wheel
And the crowd would roll right in and get on down
But Inza would always just sit in the back
Of her rockin’ rundown honky-tonk shack
Sippin’ wild turkey with her blue tick hound

Good times were found in that South Texas town
Dancin’ all night and just feelin’ alright
Down at the Lonesome Coyote Saloon

Well the women would need to be really tough
And have to put up with a lot of stuff
From the drunks hangin’ round the bathroom door
And when one would decide to get really rude
And start to talkin’ way too crude
Then some little lady would knock him to the floor

And if Inza’s was crowded or way too hot
You could find a party in the parking lot
But there’d be trouble brewin’ without a doubt
If you stayed outside then you just might
Find yourself in one hell of a fight
Not even caring what it was all about


Hard Road

Written By: K. Williams-Mann

It's a hard road to travel
Heavy load to haul
But I've already come this far
And I think I can make it
A little further down the road
But I'm gonna have to lighten my load

Well I'm just looking for some answers
And you've been weighing heavy on my mind
And I'm so tired of always taking chances
I'm gonna pick up all the pieces of my shattered dreams and move on down that line

I have worn many faces
These eyes have seen it all
Many times I have taken the fall
But I brushed off my hearaches
And I bandaged up my soul
Life takes its toll........oh

And I'm so tired of taking chances
You've been weighing heavy on my mind
And I'm so tired of always taking chances
I'm gonna pick up all the pieces of my shattered dreams and move on down that line
Gonna move on down that line
It's a hard, hard, hard, hard road
It's a hard, hard road.....yeah

My Way Home

Written By: K. Williams/Kelthom Music

I'm heading west with the setting sun
I've been on this road awhile but my journey's just begun
And I can feel your touch
Like a warm summer breeze
On my way home

The time has come for me to unlock the door
Open up my eyes to what I've never seen before
And I can hear the wind
As it whistles thru the trees
On my way home

I'm goin' home where I belong
I'm goin' home and it's been so long
I'm goin' home where I should be
And feelin' free
On my way home

You're all I've ever wanted, all I've ever known
With you beside me, well look how much I've grown
I'm so glad you found me when I needed you so
Our love is new, though it started long ago.

Sometimes your life does not go as you plan
But if you take it all in stride then you will do the best you can
And you will find the means
And all that you please
On your way home



'Hard Road' CD.

Set List

We play mostly originals. For gigs that include 3-4 sets of music, we also do some covers - mostly classic rock tunes with our own twist (Janis Joplin, Traffic, ZZ Top, The Allman Brothers, etc.)