Melody Angel

Melody Angel


A true artist.


My name is Melody Angel..a name given to me by my mama the singer and my papa the drummer. I am just a kid who fell in love with Prince records when I was 7 years old. I'm a self taught guitar, piano, bass, and drummer..(I rap a little too) So make sure you check out my new joint on myspace "Innocent Down". I'm from the ghettos of the south-side of Chicago. Without music I am nothing. Nothing but a skateboarder with no place to ride. I have know big shows to tell about and i don't know anybody famous to help my career. I am a true undiscovered talent.
"peace and blessings to all my fans who stand by an unknown kid like me"


self titled EP.

Set List

Melody can play every genre for as long as you want to hear her soultry voice.