Melody Olsen

Melody Olsen


An acoustic cataclysim of rhythmic vibrations. With a heavy emphasis on the more percussive properties of the guitar - matched with soaring vocals - Melody composes songs that push beyond the genre of folk into a realm of more experimental songwriting.


Melody first picked up the guitar at the age of 11, and has been performing in bars and small venues since she was 15. Now at the age of 22 and with a BFA under her belt, Melody is ready to delve headfirst into the music community at large. Following a year and a half record deal with UK label Shoplifter Records, (including recording sessions with Strokes producer Gordon Raphael.) Melody left her former five-piece, hip-hop-rock group, to pursue a music career away from the "suggestions" of label executives. She is currently working on her first solo album, which shall be completed in October of 2006.


35 S. Chestnut

Written By: Melody Olsen

The monk
still sits
across the street.
Smoking and listening to how we think his cigars are far more pungent than whats in our hands, whats in our lungs, and how the night begun.
Playing games with traffic and construction cones,
Lapping laughter with spoons out of our dinner bowls.

And I record from my navel its not so stable.

Fishbowl, cynical, smirks to mothers whose lovers like gin and tonic summers.
Amelia why do you laugh and cry sometimes
when i only smile?
Backseat, drifting, the olfactory invasion of memory
Drowsy earth sweats, bare feet sweet music.

Been Thinking

Written By: Melody Olsen

I've been thinking about
I've been dreaming about
I've been hearing about:

One to many times i've been reminded of how I fully don't understand, the things that revolve about us and the damages of man
to land
with plans
and branded justified by the causes that they serve.
Whose God is gifted their guilt be lifted.
And palms stained with their pawns blood.
And moved to where reasons can be blindfolded and profits can be molded.
BUt we're so generous they told us, sold us, stole us.

And I wish that I could sing so loud that everyone would just stop and hear silence. And breathe in time so we could create a massive wind current that would sweep up all of these misunderstanings away into outer space. And bring us back to what matters, with no more time left to destroy what we created, whats the point with hatred? When everyone knows that's not how we grow.

But, complacent is how they want us,
And television holds our heads up.
The modern day blinders to our harness, so that we can see only darkness,
-But the perifery still exists!
yes, and its these things we miss, but still shake our fists without even knowing where our gestures are really going.
DO you really want to bomb those men?
Do you know where those bombs will land?
Do you think that those kids are bad?
Did you ever thinks this could be madness, in exchange for what some controllers think?
Some kids pressing buttons in front of the nintendo screen,
but it only takes one game over, reminding:
You can't press reset to make it all come clean.


First solo release to come in Oct. 2006

Set List

Songs are:
Been Thinking
Sons & Daughters
Christina Hatcher
35 S. Chestnut
She Goes Down
Lately America
Trade 4 Trade
This Is It
Guru Guy
Redwood Fantasize

Sets generally last about 30-45min. Depending on the venue, there will be 1-3 sets. In the event of a 3rd set, there will be several covers. These days the covers range from:
Miss Ohio-Gillian Welch
Voodoo Lady-Ween
Come Together-Beatles
Misty Mt.-Toshi Regon
Paranoid Andaroid-Radiohead
Two Little Girls-Ani Difranco
Psycho Killer-Talking Heads
Bombtrack-Rage Against the Machine