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"Locals "Living the Dream""

By Dustin Quezada

THE HOMEGROWN authors of the hot single Hello make their anticipated Terrace stage debut tonight at the R.E.M. Lee Theatre.
Melody Park can be forgiven if its members hope it will be some time before they play here again.
Since the December 2005 local release of their self-titled debut album, the five-piece group has plunged headfirst into the music business, says guitarist Brian Condie. “As of Jan. 15 (2006) we’re in this full time, 100 per cent,” said Condie, who quit his job coordinating and running gas to the regional airport. For Condie and lead female vocalist Christa Klukas, who were part of the band Snowbaby, the October 2004 formation of Melody Park was just part of an evolutionary process.
“We’ve been writing songs for a number of years,” Condies said.
“We just didn’t want to be a cover band anymore.” When the band hit the studio in March 2005, they found something special in the mix.
Joining Klukas and Condie were drummer Brian Wilson (who also played with Snowbaby), Rossano Valmonte on keyboard and bassist John Taunton. Threatened with a break in the creative process, the band decided it couldn’t keep a lid on it and stayed the course, says Klukas, emerging with a 40-song repertoire. The band began the recording process here and finished it at Vancouver’s Greenhouse Studios. “Once we popped our heads up (after the recording process), doors started opening up,” Klukas said. Condie says reaction to the 11-track CD has been very positive.
“It’s the first time record companies are contacting me,” Condie added.
Since the CD has been available locally in January, it has sold about 500 copies and now Condie is hoping for two things: national distribution and a video shoot to accompany the single Hello.
The CD’s first single has been on the local airwaves three to four times a day and Klukas says it’s starting to draw attention here.
“From young to old, everybody likes it,” said the song’s enthusiastic singer. “I’ve had kids and parents approaching me and asking if I’m Melody Park and where they can get the CD.”
Condie describes the band’s music as a “playground of sound” that is groove-based eclectic rock and pop. It’s that energetic playground that the fivesome will bring to the stage tonight, says Condie.
“I’m excited for Wednesday,” Condie said. “Hopefully we get a good turnout.”
And while the band dreams of success outside the region, it wants to salute its roots.
That’s why a portion of the proceeds from each ticket sold for shows here, in Kitimat and Prince Rupert will go toward the school music programs in each centre.
“A lot of who we are is community and as a group we can do so much more than individually,” said Klukas, who was born and raised in Terrace.
“We wanted to do something to support the area.”
The 7 p.m. show will feature opening music from local students before the main act.
Klukas says it was important for her to release the album and begin performing locally because they feel this could be the start of something big.
“The window of opportunity is right here and right now,” Klukas added. “We’re living the dream.”
Melody Park will play the Mount Elizabeth Theatre in Kitimat Feb. 25 and Prince Rupert’s Performing Arts Centre March 10.
Tickets for tonight’s show are $20 and can be bought at Sight and Sound and Standard Radio. - Terrace Standard

"Melody Park plays debut in Terrace"

By : Shaun Thomas

TERRACE - The REM Lee Theatre was rocking on February 22 as local recording artists Melody Park brought the songs from their CD to the stage in their debut performance.
But the night was about more than Melody Park, it was also about showcasing local young talent. As the band wants to give young artists a chance, there wasn't a single opening act but rather a number of young musicians playing a variety of musical styles showing the audience what they were capable of. Among the performers were acoustic soloist Leigh Hayward; Michael Williams, accompanied by instructor rob Brown, playing some
southern pick-and-strum guitar songs; and the brass quintet Brasstic Measures from Caledonia Secondary, who had a great performance dispite being one member short.
After a brief intermission, the band took the stage, opening their set with their current single "Hello." For the next hour plus the band played through the 11 tracks off of their debut album and combined their range of music, from the slow melodic "Special Place" to the up tempo "Drivin' Me Crazy", with the energy that comes
with a live performance.
The band also proved they are not just a studio band, with lead singer Christa Klukas hitting all of the notes and melodies found on the CD perfectly. The rest of the band, Brian Condie on guitars, Rossano Valmonte on keyboards, John Taunton on bass, and Brian Wilson on drums, were also spot on in their performances.
With their debut show and a Saturday performance in Kitimat under their belt, the next stop for the band will be on march 10 at the Performing Arts Centre in Prince Rupert.
March 1, 2006 Vol 2 Issue 8 - Look Inside Publications

"Local band serves up first CD"

By - Shaun Thomas

TERRACE - The Northwest is filled with talented musicians and singers, and Melody park's self-titled debut album is a prime example of that talent.
The band, which consists of Christa Klukas on vocals, Brian Condie on guitar, Rossano Valmonte on keyboards, John Taunton on bass, and Brian Wilson on drums, came together in October 2004 and were in the studio recording the 11 track disc six months later. The result of their time in the studio is a compilation of 11 songs that run the gauntlet from rock to ballads to funk to pop.
The disc starts out with the song "Hello," a modern rock song that really showcases Klukas' vocal ability and is a great introduction to the band. The band follows that up with "Where are you now," a ballad focusing on lost love that opens with strong keyboard and guitar performances, and then takes things upbeat again with the funky, upbeat "My little corner". "Drivin me crazy" is a solid rock/punk song that really does capture the feeling of young or new love. "Cryin over you" is a song about betrayal that rises from bass driven verses into a more guitar driven chorus. "Piece of my heart" manages to blend the previous two songs, being upbeat with a lyrical focus on being taken advantage of in a relationship. Throughout the other five songs, the band continues to show its musical versatility mixing slower songs with rock and pop.
Next for the band is a CD release and performance tour, with dates to be announced. Vol. 2 Issue 2 January 18, 2006. - Look Inside Publications

"Melody Park 5 Stars!"

Give yourself the chance to really understand what is going on in their music. listen to each song a few times and you will be hooked. Great Vocals, Debbie Harry never sounded this good.


Ned the Shrunkenhead - Apple iTunes Store

"An excellent value for the quality songs on this CD"

I really enjoy all the tracks as i listen to them on a daily basis and i have even purchased 3 more copies for other members of my family.This Cd has unlimited potential in my opinion and i hope to be hearing it all over the airwaves very soon.The lead singer has an amazingly powerful voice and the rest of the band has a polished quality and have all obviously been in the music industry for quite a while.I would recommend this CD to anyone. - CD Baby reviewer


Melody Park - Playground of Sound
independant 11 song album 2006

See our video "Hello" on and now here at Sonicbids

Hear all the songs at




Melody Park is a female fronted band with an eclectic collection of rock and pop music. This full-time professional group captivate an audience with their high energy live performance that breathes life into songs filled with catchy choruses and melody. The rich and powerful vocals flow through the music and tight performance of the band inducing sonics that find a place ringing over and over in your head. Melody Park has been compared to classic artists such as Blondie and Pat Benatar while resembling modern artists Bif Naked, Gwen Stefani, No Doubt, and Kelly Clarkson.

Melody Park originally formed October 2004 in Terrace, BC, Canada. The group began recording in Terrace and later moved the project to Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver the summer of 2005. Once production was complete Melody Park released their debut CD "Playground of Sound" in January 2006. After a brief tour of northwest British Columbia, supported by Standard Radio "The Mix 590", the drummer and bass player left the group. The remaining members Christa (Melody) Klukas, Brian Condie and Rossano Valmonte moved the main base of operations to Calgary, AB, Canada in August after searching many markets in Canada for players. Melody Park emerged performing in the Calgary scene June of 2007 with bass player Randy Burton, while new drummer Greg Collins joined the band in February 2008. The band decided to diversify their business and incorporate a cover show based on artists the group sounds like to use it as a vehicle to showcase their original music. That decision has made Melody Park one of the most popular bands in the region, keeping them booked and working full-time. Performing the cover show has enabled Melody Park to expose and market their own music every night in clubs that don't book aspiring original bands. With people cheering and dancing to their songs everywhere they play, Melody Park is eager to take the show on tour in Canada and other International markets in 2008. Every audience is a chance to make new fans of the "Playground of Sound" and Melody Park.

In 2007 Melody Park accomplished releasing their debut video for the single "Hello", track 1 from the "Playground of Sound" CD. The video's release had been delayed and somewhat bitter sweet as only 3 members remained since filming the production. However, the feedback and response to the video has been a welcome and learning experience which the group plans to utilize in a new video production sometime in 2008.
Amidst all the video planning and live performing, Melody Park is also busy writing and developing new music for future singles and eventually a full length CD. The group already has 40+ songs in pre-production but there is presently no set timeline for completion of a new CD. However, the band would like to record and release some new music to fans before the end of the year.


- independant release 11 song CD "Playground of Sound" 2006
- independant music video production, "Hello" 2007 (Playground of Sound 2006)
- airplay on "The Mix 590" Standard Radio / Northern British Columbia division
- airplay on CFNR 92.1 / Canada's First Nations Radio : British Columbia
- airplay on "The Kong Radio 93.5FM" in Kaui, Hawaii
- airplay on "Music Radio 97FM" in Trinidad & Tobago
- album available at ITunes, Napster, Emusic, Sony Connect and many more popular digital sources
- over 1500 CD's sold at shows and online since the 2006 printing
- 80 live shows in 2007

This is Melody Park