Aurora, Colorado, USA

I am a solo R & B/pop vocalist. My debut single LP "Cotton Candy Rain" is an upbeat love song I recorded with the acoustic guitar. my songs are written on piano and some on guitar. My music influences range from Prince to Lenny Kravitz, u2, madonna, janet jackson, stevie wonder & stone temple pilots.


My name is Meloney Moore, I was born in Killeen Texas and raised in Tacoma Washington and Denver Colorado. My parents had six children, 4 girls and 2 boys. I discovered love for music at the age of 9 years old when I use to sneak downstairs into my grandmother’s basement to listen to Vinyl record albums for hours alone in the dark. When I was younger I always use to ask my parents to buy me a guitar and Piano for Christmas but they didn’t take me seriously and secretly my heart was broken every year. Once I reached College I was able to begin my music dreams by learning how to compose and read music, take guitar lessons, piano lessons, and private voice singing lessons. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in May 2007. I studied my two life-long passions which are music and Literature. I have written, recorded, and sung many songs that were inspired by one special man whom I have yet to cross paths who happens to be a very famous well-known musician/singer/performer. Many of my songs and poems were inspired by my family, God, and my spiritual journeys that I had to take alone.


Cotton Candy Rain

Written By: Meloney Moore

I love you, admire you, adore you, and how I want to caress thee, serve my heart to you on an exquisite decadent silver platter. In your eyes I see my life, my soul. I imagine what it would feel like to kiss your lips. I want to bathe in your thoughts and make love to your soul cuz you are my dream, my phantasy. (Chorus) cuz when I see you, cuz when I see you, I get a feeling, I feel a strong emotion...I feel Cotton Candy Rain, Cotton Candy Rain. I want to finess you with my passion passion so intense beyond imagination, I want you to tell the truth I'm in love love wit you,I want ur heart thats what I came here for, I want to passionately strum all six strings inside of you...(Chorus)


I am a solo R & B/pop vocalist. My debut single LP "Cotton Candy Rain" is an upbeat love song I recorded with the acoustic guitar. Cotton Candy Rain is song expressing the deep unexpressable feeling you feel when you fall in love using unique lyrics infused with original pop acoustic guitar sound.