Atlanta, Georgia, USA

High energy, good time, hittin the note, its party time, Jam, Funk, Blues, Rock n' Roll band. Almost as good as granny's cornbread! Hold on tight and don't let go!


Melonfunky is a Ga. based jam band. We play original material along with a wide variety of covers spanning from Reggae to Bluegrass


Are You Tearing Down the World

Written By: Scott Turner

When I see you I've got love in my heart
A few little words, I'm right back in the dark
I'm asking you when you see me think twice
and ask yourself this before you open your mouth

Are you tearing down the world

You got us living like slaves
charging whatever you want
Spilling your products all over the place
killing wildlife with all your muck

Are you tearing down the world

Your're telling all your jokes with a hateful twist
all your stories are one step above
You love riling up everyone else
Spreading hate when you could be spreading love

Are you tearing down the world

Your war with words has become a bad habit
Your sparring can get down right nasty
well you don't have to hate me to love your other friends
so ask yourself

Are you tearing down the world


Live bootleg shows from all over as well as a six track studio demo of original material.

Set List

Variety of cover material from old school Blues to a classic 70's Funk party. Country to Rock n' Roll, Reggae to Bluegrass.
Original material is mix of everything from above and thrown into shows when the time is right.