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This band has not uploaded any videos




Paul Chamberlain (ARfm) says "Live, They're even better!" - Internet Radio


Psychedelacise EP (2009)



We love our Southern Boogie with a passion. The high energy shows that we put on ebb and flow like an electric rattlesnake in water. We dig bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Oak Arkansas and Molly Hatchet, and now in the twenty-first century you've got us playing our own brand of boogalizing, highly entertaining, southern rock.

And why MelonHeadMan? There's a myth from Kirtland, Ohio in the States regarding a Dr Crow, who was given a Govt grant in the 1940s to experiment on people with Hydrocephalism. Dr Crow was an evil, vicious, malevolant and bonkers-to-boot kinda man, with no time for social pleasantries, and he also smelt like an old bus. He conducted terrible experiments on these people, making them watch reruns of Noel Edmunds House Party and injecting their heads with water, causing them to swell to ridiculous proportions. One day the surviving patients snapped, beat, pummeled and tore him apart and then for good measure ate him. After setting fire to his lab they fled into the surrounding woods, living a wild and feral lifestyle, glimpsed only occasionally in town on a Thursday morning cashing their Social security cheques. These creatures over the years came to be known as the Melon Heads. These days they tend to spend their time scaring courting teenagers or sometimes ganging up and mugging an underage fox that has had the misfortune to wander onto their turf.

Well that's our version anyway. Actually the Doctor didn't die, feeling put out that he'd been dry gulched by some MelonHeadMen, he turned to drinking too much tea and listening to Southern Boogie Bands from the 1970's. With his band in tow he rampaged across the southlands of America hiding behind guises such as the Crow Man, and the law enforcement officer Bad Bob.

In his diaries he wrote.."This music is in my blood; I love the almost semi-mythical aura of the bands that have influenced me. You could imagine these bands hauling into town on horses and leaving a trail of rock and roll disciples in their wake."

So park up your horse and come on down to Boogie City for some good time rock and roll......