Boogie Metal set in a dropped D 1975 parallel Universe


Vintage 70s Rock with a Modern Twist

What they say:

“Part Skynyrd, part country, part bluegrass and all moulded in to MelonHeadMan. The South has risen again!” Xavier Russell, Classic Rock

“MelonHeadMan are an awesome band. Their songs are loud, brash, risqué and most importantly crowd pleasing. The audience were hooked on their every word!”
Sven Stears, Explosure Magazine

“Last year I received a CD from Kent based boogie band MelonHeadMan, and as blown away as I was - live they’re even better. I highly recommend this band.”
DJ Paul Chamberlain from rock radio station Arfm
“The album may be called 'The Good and The Bad' but it's hard to pick out any bad. The tracks alternate between great classic rock (with obligatory guitar solos), slow bluesy numbers (with slide guitars) and some uplifting boogie. It's been a while since I last heard such a stunning and confident album - check it out.” My Dad Rocks CD Review
“I am willing to stick my neck on the line and say that they are the sort of band that truly excel in a live situation.” Big T Music on Air Review

What we say:

MelonHeadMan’s music reflects an on going love affair with Southern Rock. It stands apart from the norm with Rock influenced guitar licks combined with melodic harmonies and tunes that you can actually dance too. The band love to perform and are at their best in front of a live audience. Their passion for what they do is evident in their electric performances and on stage charisma.
Career highlights
- Headlining @ The 100 Club, Oxford Street



MelonHeadMan 2004
The Good and The Bad 2010

Rolling Home Single, radio play BBC kent, ASR Radio Usa
This Life, Single 2011 various radio stations in Uk Dixie Rock, France.
Medicine Man 2011 various radio stations in Uk

New Album for release soon