Melophonia plays pop music influenced by electronica, trip-hop and rock.


Oslo-based Melophonia have just signed with the Norwegian label Planet Noise.

After writing songs on their own for quite a while, the band started working with producer Jan-Tore Diesen (Bermuda Triangle) in 2006. The first result of this collaboration was the single “Talk To Me” which was chosen as “Ukas Urørt” (release of the week) on the radio station NRK P3, based on the following: “Melophonia has a sure touch of electropop. With a talent for melodies and great vocals they join the ranks of quality new artists that are sprouting in the footsteps of Bertine and Pleasure. The difference between 2006 and the previous years is that unestablished Norwegian electropop artists like Melophonia have become incredibly good!”

Melophonia is also an excellent live band, and was just a successful addition to Norway's "by:Larm" 2007.


Talk to Me - singel (2007)

Set List

Song list:
Back in time, Temporary high, You said so, Citylights, Opene eyes, Must be the season, Talk to me, Utopia
Typical set length: 25 - 60 min