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Houston, Texas, United States | SELF

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Need to Light A Match? MELOVINE's New CD "BLIGHT" is Hot Enough to Do It!"

What I like about Melovine is their sound.

But what I really like about Melovine is that they have perfected their sound with “Blight”.

And with that being said, Melovine’s sound is about to explode all over the walls of Scout Bar Houston this Saturday night because it’s the release party for their full length debut CD.

The members of the Galveston/Houston based Melovine - Matt Neice (vocals), Jonathan Jourdan (guitar), Channing Sall (bass) and Dexas Villarreal (drums) – have put much effort and heart & soul into the making of “BLIGHT” and it shows.
The songs on “Blight” are not going to disappoint.
They are “heavy metal”, but…
They are “melodic”, but…
Their song elements are a twisted mix of everything that’s right, NO but…

This is what’s so great about Melovine’s sound. The variation in the vocals along with a powerful rock fist of instrumental fury that make “Blight” a CD you need to get this Saturday night at Scout Bar Houston.

?"Slow down, there's more to this life than your drugs, lies and painful goodbyes" - Blight 07.17.10
The special guests at Melovine’s CD release party include Chrome 44, Elysian and Park Lane (California). This is Melovine’s only summer show in Houston. The band embarks on a tour to FL, the Carolinas, OH, KY, KS, CO, UT, WA, and will be back at Scout Bar Houston on September 5th.
Melovine is booked through and managed by Ekho Productions. Find out more about Melovine at their official website. Links to other social sites can be found there as well and a behind the scenes video of the making of "Blight".
"If I can't bring you along, stay right here where you belong" - Blight 07.17.10

“Blight” features 11 tracks of “pure hard rock/progressive/ambient metal fury”. (I think “BLEED” is my favorite!) It was engineered by Mitchell Marlow (Filter/Glasjaw/He Is Legend) and mastered by Sterling Sounds (Metallica/Deftones).
Song Track List:
1. Depopulate
2. The Way You Came In
3. Across The Event Horizon
4. How Far Is Gone
5. Your Enemy
6. Bleed
7. Infernal Machine
8. Blown Away
9. Cannibal Clouds
10. Pluto
11. Terminal
Melovine’s discography preceding “Blight” are:
2008 “Punisher War Zone Judges Favorite” CD
2008 “Melo-volution” EP
2007 “Learning To Lose” EP
2005 Self Titled EP - Houston Examiner

"Melovine: A Super Hero To Their Fans At Scout Bar Houston"

Was it just me or did Melovine's singer Matt Neice remind you of Clark Kent at the beginning of their show? Pretty sure it was the glasses...or so I thought at first.

Melovine opened the Sevendust show to a packed house at Scout Bar Houston. Literally, the place was packed. PACKED. But the crowd was focused on the "alternative metal quartet" rocking onstage.

Hailing from Galveston Island, the award-winning band has garnered a loyal fan base from Houston and throughout the rest of Texas with their “distinct combination of melody, powerful vocals, passionate lyrics and memorable hooks". Quite simply put, this original band has an "authentic" solid sound.

As Neice was still channeling Clark Kent, I looked around. The crowd was so absorbed with Melovine and singing every word to their songs. While it may have said Sevendust was the headliner on paper, it was obvious that Melovine was the reason Scout Bar was full (did I mention how packed it was?) at 8:30pm.

Poof! Neice's glasses were gone. Melovine continued its hard hitting and unrelenting wonderful assault on our senses. Jonathan Jourdan (guitar), Channing Sall (bass) and Dexas Villarreal (drums) offered up their talent alongside Neice and it was apparent how comfortable Melovine was onstage.

Melovine has received a “Best In Houston” award from local radio station The Buzz and was named an “Official Judge’s Favorite” for Punisher War Zone’s soundtrack by the executive management of Lionsgate Entertainment and Shaun Morgan of Seether.
And now fans are highly anticipating the release of a full length cd that is tentatively scheduled to debut this spring or summer. We will keep you posted. Any questions regarding booking can be directed to Brandon Shaver at Ekho Productions.

Obviously it wasn't the glasses that made me think of the Clark Kent reference. Really, it was a Superman reference translating over to a “Superband”. Melovine is a super band. Seriously, go check them out on Myspace and Facebook. - Houston Examiner

"Melovine - Blight"

Together we are united through a similar never-ending quest to discover quality, engaging acts that move our hearts and stimulate our minds. As music fans, this type of treasure hunt can be fittingly compared to the recycled idea of locating a needle in a haystack. Our rotation cycles repeatedly, sifting through artists, listening intently to their crafts, and ultimately judging if their offering merits time and dedication. While a majority of the prospected music fails to make the cut, eventually an artist is encountered that widens the eyes and shoots shivers down the spine. Galveston, Texas’ alternative metal act Melovine and their moody, yet powerful second full length album, Blight, is an appropriate example of running into the elusive.

This Texan quartet initiates the album on an anthemic note with the treacherous “Depopulate.” Leading off a record can be a challenge for some artists to execute successfully, but here Melovine designate one of their strongest compositions to fill the void. “Depopulate” does an excellent job of introducing the listener to what the group has to offer – temperamental verses that lead into soaring, dark choruses and the occasional furious outbreak of instrumentation.

“The Way You Came In” takes the momentum previously exuded and builds upon it as the second track on Blight focuses on a catchy chorus, intermixed with the jagged guitar work of Jonathan Jourdan. Important to note is the first instance of screaming from lead vocalist Matt Neice as the song deteriorates towards the end. Throughout the album, Neice alters his delivery from sensitive crooning in the vein of Wil Martin of Earshot to desperate throat-shredding which creates an unpredictable element to the group’s songwriting, leaving listeners susceptible to both mournful melodies and anguished rage. One of the album’s true highlights, “Infernal Machine,” summarizes everything the band does superiorly. Built on the foundation of a bleak, yet enchanting chorus, Melovine explore their softer and heavier capabilities throughout the composition’s five minute duration. After a rather sparse bridge, demonstrating the foursome’s ability to linger from note to note, the track swells to a fever pitch as the final thirty seconds feature tortured screams and absolutely thunderous string abuse not uncommon on a death metal record.

Further into the album, “Cannibal Clouds” gives additional credence to Melovine’s outstanding songwriting. Marrying the quiet with the deafening, the sixth track may be the collection’s most fluid composition as the piece flows effortlessly from an engaging mid-section to a shocking and blistering conclusion. Hands down, Melovine fully comprehend how to pen a thrilling piece of music.

As for criticism, the only minuscule blemish Blight possesses would have to be song number nine, “Bleed.” Standing alone compared to the rest of the industry’s collective material, the track is rather well done with soft, acoustic strumming, and hushed, melodic vocals courtesy of Neice. However, when compared to the overall body of work that comprises Blight, “Bleed” feels a little half-baked – a rough draft of sorts that comes across eager for an accompanying string section or a further element to elevate it from simply being a token ballad to a key piece to Blight’s sonic puzzle.

When the final notes of “Pluto” dissipate into silence, the natural urge is to restart the album and experience Melovine’s world again. This quartet’s gift of striking and compelling compositions embraces the concept of sounding familiar, while being completely unique in nature. As fans of the infinite tap of music, Melovine’s second full length album, Blight, has quenched my thirst for honest, competent music. The elusive has been found and as the rotation continues and bands continue to either fall to the wayside or find the rare, welcoming arms of success, committed artists would be wise to follow Melovine’s unique blueprint of emotional and memorable alternative metal. - TheNewReview


2010 - "Blight"
2008 - “Punisher War Zone Judges Favorite” CD
2008 - “Melo-volution” EP
2007 - “Learning To Lose” EP
2005 - Self Titled EP



Melovine is an award winning progressive rock band from Galveston, Texas. Formed in 2004, the band quickly set themselves apart from the other locals by melding the styles of several influential bands to create their own powerful sound. Continued growth as musicians and pushing the bounds of their music while staying true to themselves has been the mantra of the band that has produced three EP’s and led to the band heading to North Carolina to record their latest full-length album, “blight”, with Mitchell Marlow.

“blight” is not your typical rock album, it’s full of depth, from beginning to end. With thought provoking lyrics delivered with a powerful vocal range, guitars ranging from melodic to crushing, and technical, yet furious drumming, “blight” hits where many others fall flat.

Melovine is known for their raw, emotional, energy packed live performances. Whether they are headlining the show, or opening for a national act (such as Chevelle, 10 Years, Sevendust, Karnivool, Saliva, Smile Empty Soul, Hurt, and more), they leave it all out on the stage each time they perform. It’s these performances coupled with the lyrical depth that keeps fans coming back for more.

The band continues to perform in Texas as they continue to write new material for a new EP with aspirations of going on tour with a national act in support of “blight”.