Melsi's Collaborations

Melsi's Collaborations

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I write the lyrics - the singers and songwriters do the hard work! My collaborations cover all genre and any mood. I write every day, and love what I do. It is about dreaming, and trying to make the dreams come true!


I am a lyricist based in the UK and thanks to the wonders of the internet have had the good fortune to have worked with some amazing musicians from all over the world in places such as Australia, UK, India, Argentina, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Belgium, Hong Kong.

Thanks to these talented people I have a showcase of my lyrics. Some of these songs have been performed live, placed on the relevant musicians CD's, had BBC Radio airplay and won and been placed in songwriting contests such as Dallas Songwriting Contest, UK Songwriting Contest, performed live in India on the Rosebowl Channel.

Give me a line, a memory, a picture and I will write lyrics. I love what I am doing and feel I am on the right path at last.


You Loved My Way - Country - BBC Radio Glos Air Play.
Inhale Life - Pop - BBC Radio Glos Air Play.
Let Me In - Rock - Rose Bowl Channel Performed Live.
Love Blindness - Adult Contempary - Australian Radio - Performed Live.
Dark Eyes - Blues - Australian Radio.