Melt is a firey rock quartette that encompasses many different styles of music into their songs. Artsier than your typical rock band yet not so far out there that mainstream listeners turn their heads in the other direction.


Melt initially started with Paul Pipitone (bass) who had been around the local Boston music scene for several years and was looking to do something new that combined elements that were dynamic and jarring yet still accessible and melodic. Paul was into punk, art rock and goth, and when he needed a guitarist, Nils Freiberger was only a phone call away. He and Paul had been friends for many years and they shared a similar taste in music and vision of what their ultimate band would be. Previously Nils had been a mainstay on the local RI club scene, and fronted several of his own bands there. Now he was ready for a new challenge and the energy and technical prowess his playing brought in started becoming infectious. From the moment Rachel Drucker sang her first note to the band, they knew she was the voice and front person they had been looking for. With her diverse theatre and musical background, not to mention stellar vocals and stage presence, she brought the band to a new level of excellence. She quickly brought up the energy level a thousand fold due to her live performances and interest in exotic instruments and world and underground music. Ben Thompson is Melt's newest addition. He comes to us bearing many influances and is involved with Paul in his Church band.


Melt, Hooray for me, A Stitch in Time

Set List

Typical set list? We have some Melt favorites that we like to include, along with some surprise covers and new tunes! A set not to be missed, filled with everything from rock, latin and ballads with dark overtones. You also never know what Rachel will pull out of her bag of tricks to entertain you!